Thursday, April 6, 2017



Letters show Francis’s outreach to traditionalists has a long history

Letters written in 2011 by then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, today Pope Francis, which have been unearthed and aired by Swedish television, confirm what people close to the pontiff already knew -- that over the course of his career, he's tried several times to bring the breakaway traditionalist Society of St. Pius X back into the fold.


Mark Thomas said...


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Come on...

Everybody knows that Pope Francis' supposed desire to regularize the SSPX is a...trap, it's a's a trap, it's a trick by George Soros and the Jews.

To know the truth about "Anti-Pope Francis" and the SSPX, one need only read the following traditionalist blog:

Ro-Rotten Chili/Mundane Bore/One Peter Five-and-a-half.

Several years ago, during a super-secret, mystical, magical meeting at Trilateral Commission headquarters, George Soros and the Jews instructed then-Cardinal Bergoglio to befriend the SSPX.

1. George Soros and the Jews would then blackmail Pope Benedict XVI into resigning as Pope.

2. George Soros and the's always the Jews...would then install Anti-Pope Francis as "Pope".

3. Evil "Pope" Francis will hold Pope Benedict XVI prisoner in the Vatican. (Pope Benedict XVI is drugged daily.)

4. Evil "Pope" Francis will regularize the SSPX as part of the secret, mystical, magical plan to destroy the SSPX.

5. Evil "Pope" Francis will permit the SSPX to operate with complete freedom within a structure designed to protect the SSPX from "modernist" bishops.

6. The SSPX will continue to criticize parts of Vatican II with which the SSPX disagrees.

7. The Faithful will continue to receive the Sacraments from SSPX priests.

8. The SSPX will enjoy total freedom to offer the TLM and teach the Faith.

Yeah. Sure. We know better.

We who read the traditional blog Ro-Rotten Chili/Mundane Bore/One Peter Five-And-A-Half know it's a's a's a trap, it's a trick...that was hatched years ago in elaborate fashion by George Soros and the Jews.

Yeah. Right.

Back to reality. Deo gratias for His Holiness Pope Francis' and the holy, beautiful manner in which he has treated the SSPX. Pope Francis, from his days in Argentina to date, has been a true spiritual father and friend to the SSPX.

It is very disturbing that there are adult Catholics who believe that Pope Francis is engaged in an elaborate conspiracy hatched years ago to "trap and trick" the SSPX.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

The SSPX, when regularized, will attract a number of Catholics who, out of curiosity, will attend Mass at SSPX chapels.

I am certain that among such Catholics will be those who are unfamiliar with the nonsense espoused by various "traditional" Catholics. For the first time, "Novus Ordo" Catholics who visit SSPX chapels will encounter certain "traditional" Catholic who insist that Pope Francis is an anti-Pope.

"Novus Ordo" Catholics will encounter "traditional" Catholics who espouse bizarre conspiracy theories...Pope Benedict XVI was forced from the Throne of Saint Peter. He is held prisoner in the Vatican...Pope Benedict XVI is drugged by Pope Francis' henchmen...

...George Soros and the Jews control Pope Francis and the Church...

...Pope Francis is a communist (any Catholic who upholds Catholic Social Teaching is a "communist," according to various "traditional" Catholics)...

...Virtually every "Novus Ordo" diocese on earth is controlled by homosexuals...and/or communists...and/or George Soros and the Jews.

...NewRome has lost the Faith. NewChurch is a false Church.

..."Evil" Pope Francis plots to bring about a one-world government.

..."Novus Ordo" Catholics will hear about the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers...

...The Nazis didn't murder people by the millions...

...The TLM is the "true Mass"...the Novus Ordo Mass is Monsignor Bugnini's masonic Mass.

Via their visits to SSPX chapels, a number of "Novus Ordo" Catholics will, for the first time in their lives, encounter the insanity that, unfortunately, is part of the otherwise holy and uplifting Traditional Catholic Movement.

Just one negative experience at an SSPX chapel could spur a "Novus Ordo" Catholic to trash the TLM Movement. From there, word will spread that SSPX chapels are filled with fanatics.

Bishop Fellay and SSPX priests must ensure that SSPX chapels are holy, uplifting houses of God.

Perhaps upon regularization, the last of the fanatics will bolt from the SSPX. In turn, the fanatics will be replaced by stable people who desire simply to love God and worship Him via the TLM.


Mark Thomas