Thursday, January 7, 2016


Fr. Z gave his 10 predictions for the New Year. Yah! Yah! It is to laugh. We all know who the clairvoyant is around here and it ain't him.

So this is what my clairvoyance tells me will happen in 2016!

1. The new and glorious "Divine Worship, the Missal's" options for the revised Roman Calendar designations,  the PATFOTA, rubrics more like the OF, the traditional offertory prayers, and Last Gospel will be extended to the Ordinary Form Mass of the Latin Rite's Roman Missal by recommendation of Cardinal Robert Sarah and authorized by Pope Francis!

2. Pope Francis will completely reconcile the semi-schismatic SSPX during the Year of Mercy.

3. There will be changes in the Diocese of Savannah and other dioceses around the world.

4. Pope Francis will visit Mexico and see the USA but not in a Chevrolet but a VW mini van.

5. President Barack Obama will celebrate Christmas for the last time as President as well as any Muslim holy days.

6. A new President for the USA will be elected in November

7. Americans will get sick of the presidential election season that now lasts years and the new season will be begin on November 9th.

8. There will be more Catholics making use of the Sacrament of Confession and they will call it the Sacrament of Confession

9. The Holy Year of Mercy will conclude on Christ the King Sunday, November 20th

10. Pope Francis will celebrate at least one Mass ad orientem this year.


Anonymous said...

When you mean changes will come to the Dio. of Savannah what do you mean? Changes are always happening in diocese all over the world

Definitely hoping for #1! 🙏🏻

James said...

I predict that he'll celebrate mass ad orientem at least TWICE this year: this coming Sunday, and at the tomb of Pope Saint JPII on the anniversary of his canonization (or on his feast day in October).

Julian Barkin said...

Wow Fr, most are just like horoscopes, generalized and based on most likely predictable things. As for No. 2? No. The SSPX are Obstinate in their disobedience to Holy Moher Church and will continue to deteriorate to the point of formal schismatic status, if not under Francis, then under a future pope who will end this nonsense. How's that for a prediction ;)

Anonymous said...

Prediction #1 will never happen. Even if it were put back in the Missal today's Catholic priests wouldn't be able to do it. They aren't even capable of praying Eucharistic Prayer 1. Let's just say, in charity, they aren't exactly the brightest and the best. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Really Father, a VW van?! What about all the controversy surrounding emissions falsification due to automobile computer wizardry? Bad PR for the green pope, don't cha think? How about a Smartcar? Or, better yet, a Tesla all-electric vehicle? Politically correct and stylish to boot! (smiles)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think the SSPX will be reconciled during the year of mercy because I can't see how the Pope, having granted them the right to hear confessions, will then turn around and say, sorry, you can't do so anymore.

I agree with Anonymous at 11.52 am that priests appear to be unwilling to say Eucharistic Prayer 1 for some reason - even the good priests I know don't offer Eucharistic Prayer 1, except for one very good priest who has often said it but he has just died this week - requiescat in pace - please pray for the happy repose of the soul of Fr Dan.

Michael (Quicumque Vult) said...

Same in my case, Jan. Even the most reverential / traditional priests I know seem to gravitate toward EP 3, almost every time, and if not 3, it's one of the ones for Reconciliation or it's #2...Curiously, it's almost never #4, either.

Joe Potillor said...

My New Years' Predictions:

1. Pope Francis will abdicate at the end of the Year of Mercy
2. The Liturgical state of most Roman Rite parishes will still be horrible
3. More people will give up on searching for work.
4. We'll see an increase in the 70's vindiction towards all things traditional.

Julian Barkin said...


No, that will not necessarily happen. While Pope Franics might be merciful towards them and respect Traditonal Catholicism overall to do things like this (at least politically, that to rally against it would cause schism and bad Press) he, as well as any sane priests, know that with regards to doctrinal matters, the SSPX dissents and have such an antipathy towards the council and the Novus Ordo that there cannot be reconciliation between them. To let them in carte balance with no restrictions would cause hefty division in the Church and create many more radicals who misrepresent Traditonalism, and weaken the Church further with people and SSPX priests being their own little magisteriums and the Petrine office a sham.

He is not stupid and will not foolishly open the door to more division and heresy from within the Church. So keep dreaming.

Gene said...

"Americans will get sick of the Presidential election season..." Ha, that's a no brainer. Is the Pope Methodist!

Anonymous said...

Well, Julian, from what I have heard there has already been another document offered to the SSPX and even they are talking as if there will soon be a reconciliation, so I continue to think that will happen.

Michael (Quicumque Vult), yes, I have to say I am sick of hearing "like the dewfall" which doesn't seems out of place to me and trite. I think there has been an instruction given not to offer Eucharistic Prayer 1 otherwise these good priests would surely offer it. It is the only Eucharistic Prayer that when said I get the sense I have attended Mass. Otherwise to me I am just fulfilling my duty to attend Mass. I would rather see the priest's sermon cut down rather than not say Eucharistic Prayer 1 which some priests seem to worry will make Mass too long!!!!!!!!

Julian Barkin said...

Jan. Hearing rumours are often that, rumours. But IF there is some real concrete evidence or a source that is viable you can share .... Do it! This is not being advertised publicly if it exists, it seems.

Gene said...

The "reconciliation" of the SSPX by this Pope means nothing. He'd reconcile the Masons...He is a universalist/indifferentist and does not give a hoot about the doctrinal/liturgical reasons the SSPX exists. What a publicity stunt.