Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Apart from losing one's eternal salvation, there is another reason to observe chastity. For those who have never heard this word, chastity means being faithful to one's spouse when one is in a God recognized marriage and when one isn't married, one abstains from any kind of sexual contact.

Modesty, the sister of chastity assists chastity in her desire to maintain sexual purity.

But of course we know that modesty and chastity are names not chosen today for girls. These are not words in the vocabulary of most. A teenager couldn't tell you what these mean, let alone their hip parents.

But there is another reason for chastity and modesty, apart from saving one's soul, and that is to assure one's physical health.

Thus the sexual immorality and amorality of the age, spurred on by the entertainment industry, big money and maybe even the medical community (being sick bring in big business) not to mention the government, in particular the judicial branch, has created an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

From the Macon Telegraph:

Macon, 4 other Ga. cities on list of ‘most sexually diseased’ in the U.S.

Staff report August 4, 2015 

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Georgia ranks at the top and is one of the winners in having the most sexually sick citizens!
Five Georgia cities have made a list of the top 100 most sexually diseased cities in the United States.

Columbus ranked as the most sexually diseased city in Georgia, ranking 40th nationally, according to, citing 2013 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Albany was second in Georgia and No. 51 nationally, according to a release. Macon was third in the state and No. 54 nationally. Augusta placed fourth and No. 57 in the country, and Valdosta was fifth in the state and 87th nationally.

The study reflected reports of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia (Herpes data is not collected.) To normalize the data, rates were measured per 100,000 people, and cities with a significant population were chosen. Rural counties weren’t included.

(My comment: AIDS is on the rise too. I wonder why?)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Bible Belt

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

All those Georgia cities are in my Diocese of Savannah, to boot! Not a single one in the Archdiocese of Atlanta! Where I have gone wrong?????

Anonymous said...

Aides? AIDES? The word is AIDS.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

ihaveaids? no, i mean, iwroteaids!

Anonymous said...

However, Father McDonald does have aides.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...


Anonymous said...

We need to change it the "Bible and Tradition belt." Maybe that'll straighten some people out.

Jdj said...

Father, I worked the Infectious Disease clinic at Georgia Regents Medical,Center (formerly known as MCG) at the peak of the AIDs epidemic death rate. It was well-known by the CDC and by our staff that the Macon area was an epicenter for new cases of STDs including AIDs. It stymied us at first that the rate was higher than Atlanta until the CDC figured out that the primary causative was sex-for-drugs particularly rampant among the poor as they have no other way to pay for drugs. Many victims are enticed through their addicted partners, become addicts and sell themselves.
Although I am now retired, I would assume that causative has not greatly changed, as drug use certainly has spiraled rather than diminished particularly among the poor. Control the drug cartels both here and abroad, and you will begin to see a difference in many things including STD rates. Locally, we must attack poverty in a much more intelligent way, and confront drug addiction issues within all economic strata, wealthy as well as poor. Mentoring kids and befriending single parents is one way to begin. The problems are huge, but likewise the opportunities to do some good. You don't have to look far...only be open with your personal time and resources. And do NOT expect the government to solve this for you in Macon or any other locale!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Thank you Jdj and very insightful. There is a great deal of poverty and drug usage in all these cities. It is odd Atlanta didn't figure into it but I see you point.

Anonymous said...

Promiscuity takes two.

I think it's time for BOYS to also be taught about modesty..for themselves!
As boys dress and act immodestly, they lead girls to do the same.

Modesty and Chastity are equal opportunity Virtues !

Anon on Wed