Friday, February 27, 2015


This I saw at WDTPRS: I ate many lunches at school as depicted for the USA. I am half Italian biologically but all Italian in mentality. So I really wish we had remained in Italy so I could have had Italian school lunches!

lunch 01

lunch 02

lunch 03

lunch 04


rcg said...

The best inflight meals I ever had were French and Australian. Too big for my cockpit so had to pack a little and leave the rest for the crew chiefs.

Anonymous said...

The USA meal looks like dog food.

Father McDonald does not belong in Europe, unless he wishes to offer it as a sacrifice. It might be more dangerous today for a real Catholic priest to bring the Good word to the Euro natives then it was for 17th century missionaries assigned to the jungles.


Paul said...

We are what we eat.

And believe.

Daniel said...

Those photos do not depict actual school lunches, they're a hoax (or as they say in some quarters, "false witness.")

The fact that all the lunches except for the U.S. are taken on the same tray should be a tipoff. (Also, I'm pretty sure, given their current economic crisis, Greek school lunches don't include stuffed grape leaves and fresh pomegranates.)

It started as an advertisement by a food company depicting foods from around the world, but somebody replaced the U.S. photo with something less filling and appetizing, apparently to make a political point. (That's why the U.S. tray looks different).

As usual, people believe what they want to believe.

If you've been inside a Macon school lately, you know that the lunches don't look anything like the one depicted here (You can also see for yourself that we have no starving school kids.)

The current food guidelines in place don't have anything to do with reducing the size of the meals, but they do call for more whole grains, daily servings of fruit and vegetables and less trans-fats. Essentially, they want to be more like those tasty-looking (but fictional) European meals.

I realize we cannot post stories here like on Facebook (Father, you should be on Facebook), but here is a link to facts on the Great School Lunch Hoax for anyone who cares to see them.

Gene said...

Then why are kids and parents everywhere complaining so vociferously? There have been countless pics posted on the internet depicting the sorry stuff kids are fed in government schools.

Unknown said...

Hoax or not, I wouldn't be surprised to see the first one in a public school cafeteria.

But hey, even though I graduated from high school two years ago, I'm told by people who haven't stepped inside a public school cafeteria in 25+ years that I don't know what I'm talking about.

Maybe they're right. I did receive a higher-than-normal amount of Administratively Mandated Holidays (which some people pessimistically refer to as 'suspensions'), and I did miss 30 days of my senior year on account of a tumour.

So maybe my days spent at school were actually hallucinations. That might be why I don't know what I'm talking about.

George said...

I went to the link you posted and when I looked at the actual USA meal photo, it still (to me) fared poorly in comparison to the meals depicted from the other countries. The article did say in part that the pictures were "to illustrate the common types of foods served to schoolkids in each country, not to depict actual school meals."
From those whom I know who have been to and lived in Brazil and Italy, the meals depicted are a pretty good representation of the cuisine. How much it is representative of the typical school fare , I can't say. From what little I know. other countries do not rely as much on canned or frozen foods as we do. I can't comment as to he meals form the other countries. It would be good to know what children in our public schools today are eating. Perhaps someone reading this blog who is familiar with the cuisine can comment.

Daniel said...

People are complaining, Gene, because if Obama warned people not to stick their fingers in the electrical socket, a few million people would do that. It would certainly reduce the number of posts on this blog.

Paul said...

I see four trays of food.

The fifth tray wasn't pictured because it was empty.

Thanks be to God for every tray. said...

I prefer France! Cheese is my number one dish in every condition! site will give some more examples of lunches in different countries!