Friday, February 18, 2011


PRESS HERE to read this good commentary on the CARA Report on vocations to Religious life.

And after you have read this good report, watch this parody on 1970's and 80's liturgical music. This music and how it affected our piety, reverence and understanding of the Mass may well account for the drop in attendance at Mass over the years (who can take this liturgical puff seriously) as well as the drop in vocations, especially since these songs were very prominent in convents, although convents chose songs even more hideous, sappy and saccharine than these; and yes, unfortunately, that is possible!:


pinanv525 said...

Now, that's funny!!!LOL!

pinanv525 said...

There is a cause and effect...I want to go back to Maurin/Ignotus' statement, that when the poor are cared for, "that is salvation incarnate."
What a careless theological statement...or was it? We know that salvation became Incarnate of the Virgin Mary on Christmas; it was consummated on Easter when, listen now, Jesus got up and walked out of that tomb. That was after He descended into Hell, freeing the captive souls and proving, thereby, that no corner of either creation or the human heart is closed to His power and Presence...not the darkest pit of Hell, not the dankest cell, not the bleakest bedside nor the deepest coma, not the most pitiful hovel. His Promise to us is that these things will be put right by Him in a true resurrection life in a New Creation. In the meantime, we follow the Commandments, the Beatitudes, feed the poor, visit the sick, etc. as a sign of that Resurrection life in order that those who have not heard will see our faith and be brought to Christ through the Church. We do not do these things in order to feel good or because we believe that we, as humans, can bring about Heaven on earth. We live eschatologically, as it were, pre-figuring in a small way, the Resurrection life.

But, those who believe that helping the poor, or visiting prisoners, or protesting war or the death penalty, or whatever is "salvation incarnate" have an agenda. Somewhere along the way, as an unintended rsult of the Reformation and later Protestant theology, they lost faith. They do not believe Jesus really got up and walked out of that tomb. As an icon of liberal Protestant theology said, "It really isn't possible, in a world of televisions, airplanes, and electric razors to believe in the First Century world of spirits and miracles." You may be familiar with Rudolph Bultmann's "demythologization."

So, what do they have? Humanism. Government. Salvation is incarnated through social action, utopian schemes, Government programs, and personal self-encounter and interpersonal existential harmony. So, no wonder they like ad orientum...a turning toward (no one else but) the People! Folk masses, folk songs, clown acts, stupid secular garments, folk dance, all of it representing a new focus on man (folk/volke) because they really don't believe what the Creed says.
Many of the flock go along because they don't understand what is going on and, I dare say, many Priests are blind to the motives of the higher level Progressives and their agenda. But, the agenda is there and it is destroying the Church and the Faith that has sustained her these many centuries.
Sorry for preaching...

R. E. Ality said...

Gee, pinanv525, get with the program, relax and enjoy the feel-goodism. You've obviously had inadequate catechesis. You probably believe that thinking is superior to feeling - that action is superior to talking - that actually helping the poor is better than emoting. You are probably so behind the times that you think the Beatitudes are directed to individuals. You must have missed the one that said, "Blessed are they who steal from others to help the poor." If you are nice maybe Ignotus will give you some one-on-one counseling. When you talk to him, ask him for the Scriptural cites and Encyclical/CCC sections embracing Socialism and/or Marxism. I have searched in vain.

Anonymous said...

Another Haugen masterpiece.


SqueekerLamb said...

Now you've ruined it!
I really was inspired by that that "Here I am, Lord" I'm going to have the Brady Bunch theme in my head.
Gee, thanks a lot...NOT.