Wednesday, April 12, 2017


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Anonymous said...

I have already watched this interview and Cardinal Burke shows himself to be very thoughtful, incisive, and HONEST.

He is calling attention to some serious problems caused by the pope. In charity, and fulfilling his duty to defend the Faith, the pope must clarify these questions.

Francis does not have the authority to change and invent new doctrines. He is not God.

Christ said, regardless of what the head of the Jesuits said, "a man who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery". Francis does not have the authority to change or alter that teaching. St. Paul teaches that anyone who receives the Body and Blood of the Lord unworthily brings destruction on himself. Francis can't change that. Scripture teaches that immoral persons will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Francis can't change that. Trent's infallible teachings on the Eucharist and marriage are not able to be changed by Francis OR Kasper. Enough is enough. If Francis does not believe what the Church has always taught, including all of the inafallible teachings of Trent, then he needs to resign. No if ands or buts.