Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This ran on our CBS affiliate tonight, although in a cleaned-up version, this is the complete unedited version that in on their webpage!
This is the edited version of the complete interview with the two camera cut aways and images of the pope dispersed throughout. This is what viewers saw on the news last night:


Anonymous said...

Father McDonald,
After listening to your interview if I didn't know any better you'd have convinced me that Francis doesn't have a Marxist/Liberal/Unorthodox bone in his body. If I have any confusion developed from your outstanding spin, Francis will clear things up for me and everyone after his speech to Congress. We'll all come around to knowing the real Francis once again.

In the next few days do you think he'll have more harsh words for an economic system he doesn't understand then he had for the Castro brothers? We know he has so far.

There is nothing "progressive" about real Catholic doctrine that encourages us to work and perform personal sacrifice and charity. God never told us that we score points by paying taxes to corrupt gov'ts for wasteful anti-poverty programs. If we really care about the poor we should fight against the welfare state not encourage it.

The enemies of the Church will be very happy by the end of this week. The Marxists in Cuba are sleeping like babies tonight.


Anonymous said...

I think that you gave a very good interview, Father; a fair view of how you see Pope Francis and portrayed him in the best possible light - sticking to the positives of his pontificate and the call to people to return to the Church and go to confession is a very positive thing. I am sure that some good will come and your interview will encourage some lapsed Catholics to come back to the Church and we will leave the rest up to God.


James said...

I hope someone in the Vatican sees this interview! You'd make an excellent replacement for Federico Lombardi, who must be due to retire soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Father! I thought it was nice that the interview took place in the Church and not in the rectory.

Anonymous said...

a good interview... finally ;)

rcg said...

You didn't wave your hands much for an Italian. Since you're half Italian you could wave your left hand.

Templar said...

They took what you said and spun it. Gone were the comments about the Pope being also a Head of State and have a diplomatic function, gone were your comments about Confession being available to absolve the sin of Abortion since you were ordained. The media are as despicable as the politicians.