Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The movie trailer, much of the movie filmed here in Macon. I was so afraid!

Actual photos from the set here in Macon during filming:


Anonymous said...

How do we tell the difference between everyday Macon and the movie sets?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually during the filming of the movie an explosive was used on the bus that went ballistic, so to speak, and seriously damaged several buildings that are actual businesses.

Jusadbellum said...

If an alien craft did appear in the skies above earth and the world governments accepted the fact publicly, there would be a boil of activity - chiefly the mother of all crash construction programs including fallout shelters, full mobilization, militias called up, every machine shop in the world re-tooling to crank out machine guns and rocket launchers.

There might be migration to the boondocks, but anything that owns the skies could drop down anywhere.

It wouldn't be easy for Hollywood to present a realistic vision of what it would be like because thanks to Hollywood and world events and a drip, drip, drip series of doom and gloom scenarios, the Western world has undergone the longest sustained peacetime rearmament campaign in world history since 2001.

There are something like 30 million home gas/diesel/propane powered portable electric generators... and millions of smaller thermo-electric or dynamo devices in the US...

The various bird flu/Ebola crazes led the US to stockpile not just N-95 masks but the bigger N-100 and actual charcoal 'gas masks' and tyvek suits.

"Preppers" have gone mainstream and there are probably well over 10 million American families who are capable of "off grid" living.

The AR-15 platform is now the single most common form of rifle sold, far outpacing the venerable shotgun or bolt action hunting rifle.

So.... an Alien invasion involving tsunamis and various plagues and finally literal "D-day" style paratrooper assaults would be repulsed in ways that Hollywood probably doesn't even grasp and certainly wouldn't want to hype as anything "do-able".

After all, the point of movies like this is to paint resistance as so bleak and miraculous that most people conclude resistance is futile or a miracle and thus not something one can prep for.... giving people an actual working view of a successful insurgency or resistance would be considered 'dangerous' for all the usual suspects.

Incidentally a similar pattern plays out with respect to the Church: to the degree our movies are about idealized saints or martyrs, we tend to get tunnel vision as to what happens to the vast majority of Catholics during dark periods of persecution. And thus we unintentionally dispirit people from feeling like passive or active resistance to anti-Catholic social pressure is possible.

It's subtle but it's there. When was the last time any of you saw a movie where a Catholic layman or group of laymen were presented as heroes? We might see some POW or martyr featured who heroically died in a hopeless cause...but where are the inspirational movies patterning how people can successfully resist and conquer say, the Communists? Isn't it odd that we've almost no movies where the commies are presented as the 'bad guys' and Catholic laity standing up for Catholicism or civilization are painted as the good guys?

Tin Foil Hat said...

How long did it take this thread to turn to conspiracy theories? Three comments.

Tin Foil Underwear said...

"Nancy Lanza, Adam’s first victim, was shot four times before her son embarked on a killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, murdering 20 schoolchildren and six teachers before taking his own life.

While there’s no evidence to prove that Nancy’s lifestyle directly contributed to the tragedy of Sandy Hook, it has prompted some commentators to suggest that Preppers are gun-toting, conspiracy-theorising, right-wing militia."


rcg said...

Without the helpful captions I would have thought the photos were on spring break.

Anonymous said...

For you ant-peppers and anti- gun nuts:

England has a black population that is .02% of total
Australia has a black population that is .024% of total
America has a black/Mexican population that is 30.3% of total

England has a 0.07 per 100,000 population “shooting death” ratio.
Australia has a 0.14 per 100,000 "shooting death" ratio.
America has an 18.5 per 100,000 "shooting death" ratio counting blacks only, and
26.0 per 100,000 when you add blacks and Mexicans.

Jusadbellum said...

Lanza was a Democrat. She wasn't right-wing and neither was her boy.

As for conspiracy theories, the original 9/11 truthers were all liberals with Bush derangement syndrome.

The original birthers were likewise Democrats from Hillary's camp.

And of course, Marxism and Progressivism are themselves conspiracy theories about how the world works (blaming all evil on unnamed fat cat capitalists and unnamed religions while guaranteeing that their policies are "science" based and guaranteed to produce utopia every time, no matter what.

Thus being prepared for various man-made contingencies like all the Marxists and assorted armed leftwing terror groups (ELF, weatherunderground, new black panthers, BLM, Unions, and all the ethnic street gangs and drug cartels) is not based on fiction and paranoia but on hard reality. There really are 10 armed unlawful combantants for every 1 mythical "militia-man". Indeed to the chagrin of the SPLC none of the hundreds of militia groups have committed any crimes that didn't involve an FBI plant encouraging some low hanging fruit and facilitating the plot at every trun....while the same FBI warns us of 1 million gang members in the US to little or no hyperventillating from the SPLC.

Ergo, once again the fact based world vindicates my post and not Tin foil hat's rantings.

Tin Foil Underwear said...

In 2011, the Blacks totaled 1,135,208 of the population of Britain - 3.5%, not 0.02%.

Australia has a Black population of 1%, not 0.024%.

There are no "militia men", mythical or real, today since there is no militia. If para-military groups have "low-hanging fruit" as members, then it is perfectly sensible that they would be the ones who commit crimes, with or without encouragement. Even if they do so with such encouragement, the fact that they so readily and willingly and, even, gleefully turn to crime tells us a great deal about their prepper compatriots.

Anonymous said...

The disparities are still huge, even with your version of the stats. Fact is, Blacks are the least educated, most criminally violent, most unproductive, and most government-dependent group in our society. Fix that rather than whine about taking guns from law abiding citizens.

Jusadbellum said...

According to the US Code, the unorganized militia is composed of all able bodied men ages 18 to 45 and all women who are members of the National Guard.

Thus, we do have (and "are") "the militia". But a militia itself is the relatively rare group of armed men dedicated to defending some patch of ground. Those are rare.

Gangs however are not rare and they're growing. In any event, the point of my post was that Hollywood rarely gets it right in their doomsday scenarios or in their depiction of life. We should take entertainment with a large grain of salt as it's not a realistic depiction of reality.

Physics says shotgun blasts don't hurl grown men through the air. Heroes most likely couldn't possibly hit the bad guy with a pistol from a hundred yards away while in a sprint. Zombie apocalypses wouldn't happen like that. Intelligent apes or aliens wouldn't find the USA a pushover....

A race war is unwinnable for minorities and most white people don't want to fight one.

A would-be leftist commie revolution would be a complete bloodbath...and the commies won't win it either...but no one in their right mind wants to fight one.

Hollywood insists right-wingers are full of hate (and they're not?!) or that pro-lifers ONLY care about fetuses and never the mom or dad or family...

In short, so much of what we see on TV is a distorted view of reality.

Anonymous said...

TV and movies are simply garbage. But, the media and liberal TV producers gin up division and class warfare. This war on cops and white people needs to stop....for the sake of the minorities. If these loud mouthed gangbangers bring this stuff to the suburbs and rural areas or keep attacking white people, and the dam of white Christian rage ever breaks, it will make Ferguson, Watts, and LA look like a breezy afternoon.