Wednesday, August 14, 2019


This may be a demographic destruction, St. Andrews in St. Paul, MN:

This is a destruction that has led to 70% of Catholics not believing what Jesus teaches about the Holy Eucharist and is contrived for the Ordinary Form:


Cletus Ordo said...

I would be willing to bet that the folks behind the interior renovation would have preferred to gut the entire structure rather than adapt it to the gothic arches and stained glass windows already there.

Among the "reforms" called for by Vatican II was a horrid, non-authoritative document, always invoked with authority called Art & Architecture in Catholic Worship. Essentially what it called for was a loss of all identifiable Catholic marks in our church buildings with a preference that we all worship in existential palaces of nothingness. In reality, it document reflected the empty faith of its purveyors.

As regards the woman in the pulpit, I am reminded of my maternal grandfather, a man who converted to the faith in 1912 when he married. After 1970, he would often lament, "They told us that the Catholic Church would never change." I guess the priests of that time couldn't foresee the malevolence of the Church's future leaders--but the pope at that time certainly did. The synthesis of all heresies is still upon us, raging with full force.

TJM said...

What a terrible little Cranmer Table