Sunday, August 18, 2019


A picture worth a thousand words!


Mark Thomas said...

The cartoon could have been published decades ago, if not centuries ago, in that it is a favorite pastime of certain Catholics to insist that Popes, Cardinals, and bishop are tired, old, hacks.

I return to Father Joseph Fenton's 1962 A.D. horrific assessment of the Church, as well as Popes Saint John XXIII, Venerable Pius XII, Pius XI, and Benedict XV.

"-- Since the death of [Pope] St. Pius X the Church has been directed by weak and liberal popes, who have flooded the hierarchy with unworthy and stupid men."

-- "If I did not believe God, I would be convinced that the Catholic Church was about to end."

-- From surface appearance it would seem that the Lord Christ is abandoning His Church."

For an equally bleak assessment of the Church and hierarchy, read "traditionalist" Father Feeney's writings from the 1940s and 1950s.

Rome and the bishops were liberal incompetents who had wrecked the Church, according to Father Feeney.

Archbishop Lefebvre insisted during the 1970s and 1980s that Popes Saint Paul VI, Saint John Paul, Cardinal Ratzinger, and virtually the entire hierarchy were "enemies" of Jesus Christ.

Anyway...the cartoonist should contact Emeritus Benedict XVI as the former Pope has declared that Pope Francis' Pontificate is in line with Emeritus' former Pontificate...unless Emeritus' Pontificate was rooted in the Woodstock Era.


Mark Thomas

JDJ said...

Love this cartoon! Only problem: no priests from guitar Masses depicted..

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

Where's the legal marijuana package? :-)

God bless.

Paul McCarthy said...

Those that destroyed the bride of Christ will have a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

Q: Where's the legal marijuana package?
A: It’s in the thurible

Anonymous said...

Well, thankfully, Woodstock, Georgia is in far more conservative territory than Woodstock, NY. The "Georgia" Woodstock is in Cherokee County (suburban Atlanta), reliably Republican territory.

Richard M. Sawicki said...

Contemplate if you will...

A group of aging hippies (a.k.a. liberal Catholics)...ALL WHTTE...joining hands on the steps of their parish church in Oregon, singing "We Shall Overcome" as a rebuke to, and protest against, the traditional, orthodox sensibilities of their new young pastor, who IS BLACK!

I'm not making that up. It's happening.

The times..."they ARE a-changing"!

Gaudete in Domino Semper!

TJM said...

Hey, does any know if the "Defender of the Faith" Hail Fellow Well Met Cardinal Dolan has addressed this affront to the Faith:

19 Aug 20193976
New York City Mayor de Blasio’s wife has rejected the results of a public vote calling for a statue of Mother Cabrini (pictured), a Catholic saint, and instead opted to honor other “women,” including two drag queens.

There is a saying, "liberalism is a mental illness." This action seems to support that theory

Col Flag said...

Mental illness, indeed. And a perversion. And a sickness. The liberals and the moderates and the middle of the road huggers and the guitar priests and the tolerantCil and the politically correct and social justice warriors and the Democrats and the invaders need to be purged from the Church and from society. There never learn!