Monday, August 12, 2019


On my morning walk and my Precious  was asleep at the end of the bridge that I was crossing. His mouth was open and he was trying to eat a tennis 🎾 ball or playing with it. I did not tempt my Precious as I call him, but turned around and took another route to the beach and sunrise 🌅!

My Precious has lost his fear of humans because he should have gone back in the water as I approached. Even stomping my feet would not budge him! He needs to be removed.


Anonymous said...

But "precious" is indengenous to the area! I'm not sure you would have much luck getting it relocated...reminds me of stories of our northern brethren moving to the South Carolina coast and shocked! shocked! to find gators in their back yard, most likely accompanied by deadly snakes as well. Heck, one time while at a nursery (plants, not children) in Myrtle Beach, a snake popped out of one of the displays! Needless to say, I have not been back there! Thankfully up here in the state's "other diocese" gators are rare, usually when seen up here have been illegally dumped in ponds or rivers, like when they get too big. You usually don't see gators above the Columbus-Macon-Augusta Fall Line.

rcg said...

Poor gator will choke on the tennis ball.