Friday, January 4, 2019


Can we really expect Pope Francis to be the solution to the crisis that has engulfed the episcopate with His Holiness' unfortunate and consistent pattern of rehabilitating miscreant priests and bishops, now former Cardinal McCarrick and this Argentinian bishop as reported by CRUX:

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - The Vatican has confirmed that an Argentine bishop, who resigned suddenly in 2017 for stated health reasons and then landed a top administrative job at the Holy See, is under preliminary investigation after priests accused him of sexual abuse and other misconduct.
In a statement to The Associated Press, Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti stressed that the allegations against Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta only emerged in recent months, nearly a year after Pope Francis created the new position for him as “assessor” of the Holy See’s office of financial administration.

At the time of his July 2017 resignation, Zanchetta had only asked Francis to let him leave the northern Argentine diocese of Oran because he had difficult relations with its priests and was “unable to govern the clergy,” Gisotti said. Pending the preliminary investigation into allegations of sexual abuse underway in Argentina, the 54-year-old Zanchetta will abstain from work at the Vatican, he said.

But the case could become yet another problem for Francis, who is already battling to gain trust from the Catholic flock over his handling of sex abuse and sexual misconduct, stemming in particular from the scandal of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Francis’ standing would take another hit if he personally intervened to help out a bishop from his native Argentina - finding a job for him during a Vatican hiring hold-down - and the man later turned out to have credible allegations of misconduct against him.



Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I really have to wonder if these kinds of things, the pope's recent letter to the bishops here and other factors of not answering legitimate questions from cardinals (dubias) as well as Vigano's accusations led to the quick resignation of the two communications people in the last two days. How much can anyone take of all of this!
There needs to be reform and it has to start with the pope himself.

TJM said...

Tone deaf. But PF is just finishing the job Vatican Disaster II started: empty pews

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is not serious about governing the the Church. He is also a poor theologian. Unfortunately, he took his own advice: he is making a mess.

rcg said...

I am going to drink some of Mark Thomas’ koolaide and say that I think Pope Francis can be the agent for change. But he will need to change who he depends on for advice and action. Frankly, I have expected him to come out with some sort of teaching about the permissibility of homosexual unions, or at least turn a blind eye and allow for some bishop to teach it ala the German polygamists. He might be blackmailed in some way. I feel very sorry for him.

TJM said...


Please don't drink the left-wing MT's koolaide. He is one of the most intellectually confused Catholics I have ever encountered. He condemns the "right-wing" aka Faithful Catholics while ignoring the evil of the left: pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage.

TJM said...

Here is a pretty good statement on the L'Affaire McCarrick:

"McCarrick, who is assuredly guilty of so much, is to be used as a scapegoat. Retired and to a great extent out of action, he would resign his red hat and be sent away.

There. That takes care of problem. So now they should forget about the likes of Maradiaga,Tobin et al. And to help them forget, let’s distract them by releasing some new text concerning capital punishment.

It didn’t work.

The drama of these third rate PR moves is little else than low grade clericalism. The Francis crowd aren’t even competent phonies."

Mark Thomas said...

rcg said..."Frankly, I have expected him to come out with some sort of teaching about the permissibility of homosexual unions, or at least turn a blind eye and allow for some bishop to teach it ala the German polygamists. He might be blackmailed in some way.?

Rcg, why have you expected His Holiness Pope Francis, who has condemned homosexual unions, to permit homosexual unions?

Our holy Roman Pontiff Francis has, time and again, defended and promoted Church teaching in regard to holy matrimony and family.

Pope Francis, our holy and great Culture of Life Pontiff, has condemned the homosexual lobby.

He has exhorted Catholics to resist powerful satanic forces that have promoted homosexual unions.

Cardinal Sarah said of His Holiness Pope Francis:

"...the Holy Father openly and vigorously defends Church teaching on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, reproductive technologies, the education of children and much more."


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


If you could stop engaging in idolatry for a moment, please read this chronology from New Ways Ministry which contradicts and severely undermines your views on PF: