Thursday, April 24, 2014


I have never encouraged or discouraged women in my parish from wearing a veil and when I am asked about it I say that it is purely their choice and whatever choice is made is fine. There are a great number of women in my parish who do wear veils to Mass. No one bats an eye at those who do or those who don't.

We also veil the chalice that will be used at Mass, by the way.

This is a great video, very positive and to the point. Catholic News Service is a division of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops:


Anon friend said...

", tradition and mystery..."
Yes, indeed, that is exactly what the Eucharistic celebration is about. And we have lost so much of it in the past 40 years. I am not going to throw stones...we are all culpable in some way for the loss. TBTG, the next generation of Catholics seem to care and wish to recoup, one step at a time.

Desirée said...

I love veiling! My 8 year old daughter and I do every Mass. The video was great! Every woman should veil. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish my daughter felt comfortable wearing the veil.
However, she is not the pioneering type and when more children do, then she will feel comfortable also.

Perhaps most women of all ages feel this way.