Sunday, April 27, 2014


I saw this video as Whispers in the Loggia. I had forgotten what great a homily Cardinal Ratzinger gave at Saint John Paul II's funeral, days before Cardinal Ratzinger himself would be elected his successor.

The end of the homily is stunning as is the congregations final response, but many responses given throughout the homily.

Please note how much nicer the set-up is for an outdoor Mass in Saint Peter's Square today at Saint John XXIII and Saint Pope John Paul II's technical canonizations compared to the time nine years ago when Saint John Paul II was given his final farewell and canonized by all present. Please note the First Marini's altar set-up, compared to the Second Marini's better taste and sense of tradition that Pope Francis has kept!


Anonymous said...

I must say, I really am thankful for the "Benedictine" altar arrangement used now. It's only when I see how Papal Mass altars used to look that I realize what an improvement it is.

John Nolan said...

I quite agree. I have a photograph of Paul VI at the papal altar in St Peter's, with six stumpy candles and a tiny crucifix. Under JP II the tall candlesticks and crucifix returned, but the cross was pushed to one side, an arrangement that Cardinal Ratzinger abominated. In the outdoor arrangement everything stood on the floor.

In Nottingham (England) Bishop MacMahon OP, now the Archbishop-elect of Liverpool, was quick to adopt the 'Benedictine' arrangement, but other places have not generally followed suit. If the bishops want to make themselves useful, and show they are interested in the liturgy, they could at least mandate the central altar cross (with a specified minimum height; the matchbox-sized thing that lies flat on the High Altar of Westminster Cathedral will NOT do).

Anonymous said...

I wonder which altar arrangement Jesus prefers. You people are really unbelievable. If you do some research, you can probably find some weird saint who spoke directly to Him about this and knows for sure which one is best.

Personally, I like an arrangement that includes some banners and balloons.

Pater Expetens said...


Our Lord prefers the arrangement that best keeps us focused on Him. All the saints promote the centrality of Christ, with none of them rejecting reasonable symbols of this centrality.

I've seen banners put to good effect in churches, but perhaps balloons belong in the parish hall.

Anonymous said...

Gosh're BRILLIANT. You know what Our Lord prefers. AND you know what all the saints promote. You must be one of those folks who talk personally to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly certain that Pater is a priest, Anonymous. Not that that will mean much to you, but it does evidence at least some particularized study undertaken by him to learn what the saints taught and what God wants.

Do you have some reason to think he's incorrect?

Anne said...

Father Keen perhaps?

Wipo of Mainz said...

Expetens - desiring, coveting, demanding - which?