Thursday, August 29, 2013


Pope Francis celebrated Mass yesterday with the Augustinians, you know the religious order of Friar Martin Luther. During the Mass we hear once again Pope Francis' vision for the pastoral ministry of the Church for priests and religious. He once again used a word that women religious would find insulting, that of the "hag" "old maid" or more sanitized version "spinster."

He also, as you will note, celebrated Mass facing the congregation in the "ad orientem" sort of way with the Benedictine Altar arrangement. Too bad he wasn't invited to use the real altar behind this faux altar. As you can see from the video, one's eye is drawn to it and its magnificence rather than the silly one in front of it.


Gene said...

I notice that our illustrious "Southern Cross" diocesan newspaper has a glaring photo and article on the very front page of the Sister Ilia whatsername, looking as much like a man as she possibly can. This is the woman who said,"there is no cosmos without God and no God without cosmos," and that "we give birth to God" (Fr. will not let me say moron on the blog). It is really disappointing to see the diocesan newspaper highlight this apostate nonsense. Maybe the Bishop just doesn't know any better...even though that has its own set of problems, it is better than thinking he allowed it knowing what she said. Or, maybe he doesn't have much input into the content...which is also a problem. Anyway, mine went directly into the garbage under the coffee grounds.

Anon friend said...

Yeah, Gene, our copy went immediately under the kitty-litter to line the pan from the effects of the "offerings" by our cat; your copy at least found a bit cleaner resting place!

Anonymous said...

Diocesan newspapers can be an odd kettle of fish. Many such publications are left in the hands of a nun, deacon or semi-functioning priest who has simply "had the job" for many years. In such cases, they will lead with whatever Church news services send them and fill in the blanks with some local happy stuff from the diocese. Edgier publications are a bit harder to come by. Unfortunately, most bishops aren't very interested in the content of the papers, a reflection of the declining literacy of most people, Catholics included. Papers across the country, secular and religious, are all losing circulation because there are fewer and fewer readers. Very likely there will be no more diocesan papers within the next decade.

Carol H. said...

My copy, like our Anon Friend's, will be going to the cats- only Galadriel will be delivering her kittens on mine!

The only newspaper I read is the National Catholic Register, which has had in increase in readership since it became a part of EWTN.