Wednesday, August 28, 2013


"As provincial, says the author, Bergoglio did not support changes made by Vatican II, banned books by Jesuits sympathetic to liberation theology, replaced new songs with old Latin hymns at Mass and opposed Decree Four on social justice at the 32nd General Congregation of the Society of Jesus. The most controversial incident concerns two older Jesuit priests, Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics, who had been Bergoglio’s theology and philosophy professors during his Jesuit training, and later insisted on living with the poor in a small community. Bergoglio ordered them to leave the shanty town and, when they refused, expelled them from the Jesuits."

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Nathanael said...

You mean the Holy Father didn’t want “our tears turned into dancing” by knowing that “Yahweh, You are Near.” I am shocked and hurt that he didn’t want us raised up on eagle’s wings to eat at that wonderful “Table of Plenty.”


I haven’t read a biography of the Holy Father yet. Just the interview book and that little book put out by Magnificat. I suppose this is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the statement you refer to is but a very small part of the story. In fact, the author points out that Bergolio later concluded he had made many mistakes and committed many sins and turned his life around. There is no basis to conclude that his early "conservatism" in any way reflects the Bergolio who is now Pope Francis.

FrJBS said...

The same things are said of Archbishop Romero, may he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

You can read some of the book online at Google books. It is a quite interesting portrait of a very complicated man. In fact, 30-something Father Jorge had lots of warts and was a bit unlikeable. And there are so many hard feelings in the Jesuit community in Argentina that an email had to be sent to everyone upon his election to suggest prudence.

The whole thesis of the book is that Bergoglio underwent a dramatic transformation from conservative and high Church younger Bergoglio to pastoral and populist Cardinal Bergoglio. The author is inferring that he felt guilty about his actions (or rather inactions) during the Dirty War and the "time out" he was given in the late 1980s made him a different person.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the choice of music is one of the things I dislike about Mass at St Joseph. I don't know the songs we sing and most are difficult to follow. I miss knowing and enjoying music at Mass. It's become a chore, not a pleasure. Our children don't know any church songs unless I teach them because they don't hear songs they understand or can easily relate to Mass. What is wrong with singing I am the bread of Life during communion? I used to sing songs from church the rest of the day after leaving Mass and it was such a glorious thing. Now, many times I stop singing in the middle of the song because the changes in pitch, etc make the music difficult and my voice ugly. I don't think I'm alone with these thoughts because I see many people around me doing the same thing. It would be nice to lift our voices in music. It's amazing how many I see singing along when its a rare, familiar song. I'd love to go to Mass one day and enjoy the music again.