Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is one interpretation of the Third Secret of Fatima as it concerns Pope John Paul II. Read it by pressing these sentences.

But more and more I'm wondering if it doesn't refer to Pope Benedict. How much more has he been maligned from the time of being Cardinal Ratzinger to the time he has been pope. He is maligned not only by the "world" who despises him and his Church but by Catholics too, especially those who have promoted the loss of Catholic identity through the preaching and living of the "spirit" of Vatican II which has nothing to do with what Vatican II actually teaches.

And how many protests has Pope Benedict seen and heard in his travels. And now SNAP wants him to be placed on trial by the "World" Court for crimes against humanity as it concerns the sexual abuse of minors by clerics of the Church.

And this Thursday he's visiting his home country of Germany for a rather grueling pilgrimage and already there are those who would like to see him eradicated. His is a martyrdom but of another kind.



Templar said...

Pope Benedict himself on his visit to fatima stated that the 3rd Prophecy belongs to the future.

Julian the Uptight said...

There appears to be a struggle between two forces in the Vatican as to the correct interpretation of the Message of Fatima as well as whether or not the entirety of the Third Secret has been revealed to us. While I make no claim of infallibility in the matter, I am one of those who is convinced that we have not been given the entire message and the conditions that are essential for the conversion of Russia and the period of Peace promised by the Blessed Mother have not yet been fulfilled. On one side, the struggle to tow the "party line" about Fatima comes from Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone. His onetime collaborator on this position, the pope, seems to have moved away from Bertone's position and appears to be quietly trying to prepare the public for an eventual admission that the Church did not tell the whole truth when the text of the Third secret was allegedly revealed.

Anyone who takes an objective look at the state of Russia cannot honestly say that it has been converted. The Orthodox Church remains in schism, the Catholic Church is persecuted and the abortion and suicide rates among the populace are among the world's highest. There is a fantastic video that explains this in more detail that can be found here:


There is also a rumor that the pope WANTS to consecrate Russia as instructed by the Blessed Mother, but has many obstacles to overcome in the Vatican before he can hope to make it happen. But who can verify?

It seems that our popes will continue to suffer until the will of the God and His Blessed Mother are done. If her requests are not fulfilled, the suffering our pope currently endures will seem miniscule compared to what is coming.

Anonymous said...

The Pope cares about those people and everyone of their issues. More than they do. I have never read anything that indicates Cardinal Ratzinger was going to be a liberal Pope. If the Germans feel deceived they should look to their information sources.

I expect the Pope will be respectful to the President, but he is not there just to meet a head of state. I expect every move and word will have a purpose far beyond that.


qwikness said...

That was a very critical article. Hopefully this is just pre-visit noise that secular media gives to rattle the rabble-rousers. This seems to happen to every visit, then everything he does is super popular. The press reports the negative and is baffled by the popularity.

Frajm said...

Quikness I agree, even when the Holy Father went to England this time last year, there were those who wanted him arrested and called for massive protests, but in the end the Holy Father won the day! May it be so in Germany!

Anonymous said...

Third Secret of Fatima: "Lourdes was a hoax."

(It's a joke, people. Don't have a cow....)

Frajm said...

That's like the Blessed Mother appearing at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception over the course of many weeks with the very same message: "Build me a beautiful shrine on this spot."
that joke was from the iconoclastic 1970's!