Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This horrible ongoing sex abuse crisis in the Church, with most of the cases from the good old 70's when Catholics, including priests, lost their Catholic and/or priestly identity, experimented with everything and let it all hang out in the most malicious and immature ways, just keeps on keeping on! It is sad for everyone, from those abused to those who gave to the Church in good faith and those who are disillusioned by the mortal sins and crimes of priests and their bishops who did not manage their priests as Catholics would expect.

With that said, many of you may be aware that some lawyers in the USA are suing the Vatican. The Vatican's lawyer who is an American, Jeffry Lena, appealed the Vatican's position to the Supreme Court which yesterday, the Supreme Court refused to hear and returned it to a lower court. Many saw this as a serious set back to the Vatican and that even Pope Benedict would eventually be questioned by plaintiff lawyers.

One of the most anti-Catholic of lawyers who has made millions and millions on lawsuits against the Church is Jeffry Anderson. After the ruling yesterday, a newspaper in Anderson's hometown of Minneapolis wrote the following:

"The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for St. Paul lawyer Jeff Anderson to sue Pope Benedict on behalf of sex-abuse victims when it refused Monday to hear the Vatican's appeal of an Oregon lawsuit.

Anderson, who specializes in filing abuse suits against the Roman Catholic Church, called the decision "the biggest breakthrough in the movement's history." ...

Anderson predicted that now he can eventually depose Pope Benedict.

"I won't start with him; I'm going to work my way up," he said. "But this ruling gives me the ability to depose anybody within the organization who has knowledge about the events."

On the other hand, the Vatican's lawyer, another Jeffry, but Jeffry Lena gave an interview to Vatican Radio. He is very articulate. He paints a much different and more positive picture. You can read what he said on the website and also listen to the interview he gave HERE.


Anonymous said...

While some lawyers have integrity, about 2 out of 3 I meet, simply do not..It is all about the dollar. There function to protect has become so warped that they barely can function as a profession. And too many, shameful Priests have allowed this to poison the faith. So sad the whole thing. My prayers will remain with the victims, for firsthand I can say that most of the time money will make no difference..

Templar said...

The Shyster from Minnesota thinks he can bring down the Church with lawsuits huh? Bring it on you hate filled little man.

Anybody want to make book on the Shyster succeeding where Satan can not? LOL