Friday, March 22, 2024


As we all know, since His Holiness’ election, Pope Francis has lived in the Vatican Hotel called “The Domus”. I hilariously call it “The Vatican Motel Six”. Cardinals, bishops others clergy and the laity can rent rooms there too if they are visiting the Vatican on official business or programs put on by the Vatican.

This past week, Judge Andrew Napolitano (no relationship to me although I was born in Napoli) was with about 20 other Americans who stayed there as they were guess lecturers for a Vatican program. 

This is what Judge Napolitano said about the casual encounters that one might have with Pope Francis who mills around the hotel and eats in its dining room with other guests. Continue to pray for God’s will to be done as Pope Francis tenaciously and bravely holds on to the papacy and keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny despite the major health issues His Holiness has:

“…it was surreal when [His Holiness] was brought in to the guesthouse dining room, using a walker and an assistant at each arm. It was bizarre when he sat with his back to us. I wanted to go up to him and greet him, but the Swiss Guards had warned us not to approach him or call out to him.

Two days later, I turned a corner in the guest house lobby, and there he was, 10 feet away. I gently bowed and whispered “Your Holiness.” He looked at me and moved on.

The Pope is in poor health, can barely speak or walk; and he radiates sadness. I was thrilled to reside in his home for four days, but I don’t think he’ll be there much longer.”


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The Pope could have lived in The Apostolic Palace like his predecessors did but he chose to live in Domus Sanctae Marthae where the progressives met to plan strategy during Vatican Two.

The winds of the old days?

It would have cost nothing for the Pope to live in the Apostolic Place but he choose to spend a ton of money (I can't remember how much) to refurbish DSM because the Church of the poor and all that.

I'm not sure the DSM renovation qualifies as part of the pact of the poor

that Francis recently renewed

Mark Thomas said...

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano's recent article in question is less about Pope Francis, and more about the Judge having "spent last week living and studying at the Vatican as a guest lecturer at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, or PASS. PASS is an organization of scholars that explores ideas of interest to the Vatican."

Among Judge Napolitano's comments vis his article:

"Aquinas knew that government is the negation of liberty. We in the 21st century realize that we have a government that is utterly indifferent to our rights."

"The folks who run the federal government — no matter which political party is in power — believe they can kill any foe, steal any property, claim any right, declare any wrong, regulate any behavior, tax any event, and insinuate themselves into any relationship so long as they can get away with it politically; all in defiance of natural law."

"In America today, we see the destruction of natural law principles and the rejection of natural rights."


Nevertheless, the majority of voters continue to vote Democrats and Republicans into power.


As to Judge Napolitano's comment that Pope Francis "is in poor health, can barely speak or walk...I don't think he'll be there much longer."

I will leave to other folks to speculate as to the amount of time that His Holiness has remaining on earth. I give thanks simply unto God for his having raised Jorge Bergoglio to serve as Pope.

Perhaps Judge Napolitano's speculation in question is, if you will, a bit of "wishful thinking." That is, via his recent article, Judge Napolitano attacked Pope Francis viciously. The Judge has a history of that.

Via his recent article, Judge Napolitano declared in regard to Pope Francis: "Catholics believe that he is the Vicar of Christ on earth. But the current Pope may be the worst in history. He has watered down Church teaching on marriage, sexuality and confession."

Anyway, the amount of time that His Holiness will remain upon earth is in God's hands.

May Judge Napolitano embrace Pope Benedict XVI's positive, uplifting assessments of Pope Francis — Jorge Bergoglio the man, as well as Jorge Bergoglio, the Vicar of Christ.


Mark Thomas

Jerome Merwick said...

Fascinating photo. A visual text that speaks more loudly than words.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

"...but he chose to live in Domus Sanctae Marthae where the progressives met to plan strategy during Vatican Two."

Interesting, especially since Vatican Two ended in 1965 and DSM wasn't built until 1966.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

I was thrilled to read that the Holy Father dines “ad orientem” at the Vatican Motel Six mess hall.

TJM said...

There was another facility on this site prior to the current one being built

Fr. David Evans said...

I was getting worried that I would not know what to think about this. Lucky for me as usual ET's brother M has stepped into the breach to make me more certain. MT locutus est, causa finita est.

Mark Thomas said...

I was getting worried that I would not know what to think about Pope Francis. Lucky for me as usual Neapolitan Ice Cream's half-brother, Judge Napolitano, has stepped into the breach to make me more certain.

Via his infallible judgment, Judge Napolitano (JN) has assured me that not only is Pope Francis perhaps the worst Pope in history, he (Pope Francis) has watered down Church teaching on marriage, sexuality and confession.

JN locutus est, causa finita est.



Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

By sharing his critique of Pope Francis’ papacy, which his opinion and critique focus on the negative things of this papacy, indirectly Judge Andrew Napolitano is upholding the purpose and ministry of the pope to maintain the orthodoxy of Truth, that is Jesus, handing on though Apostolic succession and the pope being the Vicar of Christ. But even the first Vicar of Christ, Saint Peter, was called out when he diverged from sound teaching. Jesus did this during His public ministry and others did it after the Ascension and prior to Saint Peter’s martyrdom.

But this is what the good judge said about Pope Francis:

“Catholics believe that he is the Vicar of Christ on earth. But the current Pope may be the worst in history. He has watered down Church teaching on marriage, sexuality and confession. He has suppressed the Mass that every canonized saint in Heaven attended and participated in. His attacks on traditional theology and liturgy are the opposite of what he is supposed to do — which is to preserve them.”

More positively stated, the divine institution of the papacy is that the Successors of Saint Peter are the Vicar of Christ, meaning they are not Christ nor God, but Christ’s representative for the Universal Church. Some popes have been a dismal failure and history will judge which were the worst of the worst. The Vicar of Christ is to preserve all the teachings of the Church in the areas of faith and morals as well as natural law. This includes all the sacraments. Nothing should be taught that would bless sexual relations outside of marriage as well as sodomy within or outside of marriage as this waters down Christ teachings on chastity and fidelity to God. This also waters down mortal sin and repentance and any need for the Sacrament of Penance if sin no longer exists in perverse behavior. The Vicar of Christ should uphold every tradition of the Mass with at least a two hundred year tradition, but in the Latin Rites and the Eastern Rites. The Ancient Latin Mass is and was the source for the sanctity of life of the vast majority of saints in heaven and to suppress that is to teach that what once was revered and observed as holy no longer is. That is heterodox to say the least. The Vicar of Christ is called to preserved all the legitimate rites of the Church in both the East and the West as well as their cultural heritage.

Bob said...

I do not get the point of dining (or even living there) if the pope is going to treat the place as if he lives there alone and ignores other residents and them told to behave as if he were not there.

Entering a common dining area and then sitting with back to other diners says nothing good about the man. Before someone squawks as to him just wanting privacy and not wanting to face stares or greetings, it was his choice to live there in the first place.

Napolitano was correct in this being surreal. If Napolitano whispered "Holy Father" in American English, it likely was not even understood by the pope, and leaving the pope wondering what was said with ignoring it the safest route....surreal.

Mark Thomas said...

If Pope Francis is suffering as horrifically as Judge Napolitano has relayed to us, then the last thing that concerns me is the direction in which His Holiness faces during his meals.

I am thankful that His Holiness is able to eat something, anything, so as to maintain even a semblance of energy/strength.

Given Judge Napolitano's rendering of Pope Francis' supposed horrific physical and emotional condition, I would not find myself amazed to encounter a man who is not in the greatest of moods.

I am sure that unlike certain of his children, our Holy, Merciful God is more than understanding in regard to Pope Francis.

I will leave it to others to worry as to the direction in which His Holiness faces during a meal. I will pray that God heals His Holiness of his (Pope Francis') pains and sufferings...and that Pope Francis is granted eternal salvation.


Mark Thomas

Bob said...

Well, Cheerleader Mark, many of us are suffering and still manage basic social skills.

If you are happy with a pope from Catch 22, where when he is in, he can't be seen, but when he is out, you can then see him, well, more power to you...

but many/most would find that someone who moved into a common living area, and who then demanded to be treated as if not there, to be bizarre, surreal. And certainly no exercise in humility and quite the opposite.

Bob said...

He did not wish to live in papal apartments because why? There was nobody else there to ignore? At great expense he moves into common quarters and does just that, ignoring other residents while demanding they do the same....yes, this IS surreal.

TJM said...

After he issuef TC, his eternal reward may be elsewhere - an act of pure evil!