Monday, September 5, 2016


Cardinal Parolin has a very traditional art of celebrating Mass. You can view view the Mass HERE. (For some reason I can't get the embedded code for videos on my iPad actually to post the video. Does anyone know how?)

The Mass is in Latin with an excellent visiting choir. The Kyrie is the nine-fold EF version. Cardinal Parolin has a nice chanting voice. You can tell he is of Pope Benedict's school of Liturgy.

Please note the smaller altar since this isn't a papal Mass. But still a very EF altar arrangement.


Anonymous said...

What a noticeable difference between His Eminence and Bergoglio! His Eminence would make a wonderful pope but we will probably get stuck with Tagle or Marx. Bergoglio and his henchmen probably all ready devised a way to high jack the next conclave anyway. Oh well it's God's Church let Him deal with it. I no longer give a ........darn anyway.

John Nolan said...

The Kyrie was six-fold (Mass VIII). And Parolin, following the example of his boss, did not sing anything. Couldn't make out what the choir were singing, but it wasn't the Proper and didn't sound particularly traditional. The altar arrangement was as normal - what's 'EF' about it? Nothing objectionable, but nothing to write home about either.

I don't often attend Mass in the vernacular, but on Sunday I was in an unfamiliar town and the little Catholic church, built about a century ago, was quite attractive, so I took a chance and went to the parish Mass. The musical resources were minimal; a wheezy out-of-tune organ and a couple of elderly singers in the choir loft who were pretty awful, but gave a lead to the congregation. The church was packed, but there was no chatter before Mass. The priest entered with three young servers (a thurifer and two 'acolytes', one a girl) not to the usual hymn but to a responsorial Introit, with the congregation joining in the refrain. The Responsorial Psalm was done in the same manner. The Mass Ordinary was a simple unison setting (not pop-style) for congregation, and easily learnt.

Remarkably, the priest sang all his parts, from the greeting to the dismissal, using the English missal chants (the congregation were familiar with the responses and with the Gregorian 'Our Father'). The rubrics were followed to the letter. The Mass was versus populum but with the 'Benedictine' arrangement of cross and candles.

Despite the absence of Latin, always a matter of regret although the translation is now far more faithful, this was an authentically Catholic liturgy. On the way out I glanced at the notices and discovered there is an EF Low Mass every Wednesday. Since the priest is only in his fifties, he must have made a conscious effort to learn it; and having done so he is unlikely to offer the OF in a sloppy, conversational and self-centred way. Mutual enrichment in action?

Rood Screen said...


Surely we must now carry our crosses, not toss them aside. But there are indeed crosses to carry.

Anonymous said...

What a noticeable difference between His Eminence and Bergoglio!

That's "What a noticeable difference between His Eminence and His Holiness," to you.

Anonymous said...

"That's "What a noticeable difference between His Eminence and His Holiness," to you."

A man who tells adulterers they don't have to stop their sin and can still go to Holy Communion isn't holy. A man who is planning to join a lesbian Lutheran "bishopette" and publicly thank God for the heretic Martin Luther and his Reformation isn't holy. So h is and will remain Bergoglio to me. And to tell the truth he wouldn't care. What did it take 1 or 2 years for him to acknowledge his title. Just because he commits liturgical abuse, refuses to kneel before our Eucharistic Lord while crawling on the floor at the feet of Muslims and Jews and pagans doesn't make him humble and it doesn't make him holy.

Anonymous said...

Your lies about what His Holiness, Pope Francis, has said and about what he will do in commemorating the Reformation are very sad and very easily dismissed as falsehoods.

You exhibit here chronic dissatisfaction. Your choice to live in this dark valley is destructive, first of yourself, then of others.

That chronic dissatisfaction is curable. Today express, at least to yourself if not to others, gratitude for the multiple blessing in your life.