Friday, July 2, 2010


The week that was and what it means. John Allen of the National Catholic Distorter, although I again emphasize that John Allen is not a distorter and so don't fret, has a marvelous summary of events with a very good editorial that hits the nail on the head. You can read it HERE!

The only remedy for the Church is crisis as well as the Church Militant engaged in spiritual warfare is:
In either form, but well celebrated!

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Templar said...

You have to love John Allen. Writing for NCR may eanr him canonization, LOL.

All kidding aside, the article is spot on. We are in minority status as defiined in the article, and reinvigorating our Catholic Identity is paramount if we hope to make a difference in the public forum ever again. His Holiness' bold moves to replace weak diplomatic types with strong theorlogical types speaks volumes in my opinion. Winning this fight is of little importance to the Church Militant for their own purposes, but for God's purposes, the salvation of souls, it is imperative that we be successful.

By the way, weren't we recently discussing the usefulness of the Council for Christian Unity under the now dismissed Cardinal Kasper? Seems Pin and I and the others who said his leadership there and the effects of it have been the disaster we said it was. At least it appears the Holy Father (and John Allen) agree with us.