Monday, April 9, 2018


The playbook of the doctrinal, canonical and liturgical iconoclasts of the 1970's was and is to denigrate the psychology, intellectual capacity and motives of those who refused to give into the iconoclasm.

It is sad that this kind of rhetoric is still employed which polarizes rather than placates:

 ...This leads to a “self-centered and elitist complacency, bereft of true love,” translated into a variety of ways of thinking and acting, which include obsessing over the law, being absorbed with social and political advantages, being “punctilious” over the Church’s “liturgy, doctrine and prestige,” and an excessive concern with self-help programs.


Rood Screen said...

This letter is appears to be a rejection of Vatican II. VCII acknowledged early on in its paragraphs that God wants all men to "come to the knowledge of the truth", and that in Christ "the fullness of divine worship was given to us". Our pope seemingly has no time for truth or worship. All that remains is social criticism and political advocacy. It's no surprise that he persistently gives the devil a lot of attention, thereby highlighting the devil's power, as if the devil's power is more important than truth and worship.

rcg said...

This is what concerns me most about Pope Francis. He seems to truly want as many people to enjoy the benefits of Grace and participate in the Church as possible. He seems surprised, however, that putting several cats in the same bag results in a fight and also seems offended by it. I believe he considers the Traditional Mass faction (sic) rightfully part of the Church. I think he considers it the strongest part else he would not pound on it to the exclusion of the more delicate groups. I am concerned that his psyche will snap from the constant strain of the conflict he has caused himself and he will resign, or worse, in a pique.

ByzRC said...

To your question, it was as outdated in the 1970s as it is in 2018!