Monday, July 24, 2017


I am sitting out on the beach as I am on vacation. Four teenage girls from Iowa approached me with a free cold water offer. They are Christians. I declined the water and they asked if they could pray for me. I said yes, that I would stay on the straight and narrow!

Then I asked if they were Christians and they said yes. The one said to me they don't belong to any of the chains but a church her parents started!

Then she said she liked my "necklace" which for men is a chain--a gold chain and crucifix I wear!


Anonymous said...

A woman I was friends with and who was Greek Orthodox several years ago went to a jewellery shop to buy a gold chain and crucifix for her son. The young late teens shop assistant asked her would she like a plain one or one with the little man on it?

Further proof how much we in the West are in a post Christian era?

Dialogue said...

The little man's name is "Inri".

Carol H. said...

Dialogue, thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Gene said...

That's funny. My favorite uncle, a USMC veteran of Tarawa and Okinawa and harried father of 9 kids, used to say in his rants, "When I'm dead and you come to my grave and see that IhS up there, it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus, it stands for "I Have Suffered!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

A work colleague told me that as a teenager his parents became very much involved in an Assembly of God church, which got caught up prosperity theology and were big fans of the televangelist Jim Bakker, who after 20 years in ministry ended up in jail for fraud. He said he was not surprised later to read that Bakker later was to admit it was not until he was in prison that he actually read the Bible all the way through. He also reflected how he was as a young church member and how ignorant he was of
Christianity and scripture. He could give many examples of this but the one that sticks in my mind is that as a young man in this church for some time after hearing the word epistle he thought that was the word for a female apostle.