Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Rita Ferrone of Praytell and Commonweal is one know it all condescending person and Fr. Z calls her out on it and appropriately so.

Press the title for the full article. Kudos to Fr. Z:

Card. Sarah has frightened the libs… again. The vicious attacks begin.

Summoning the nastiness of which liberals are duly known, Rita Ferrone demonstrates how mean-spirited a lib can be in piece penned for Commonsqueal.  She attacked Robert Card. Sarah because he has called for a rethinking of Communion in the hand.
Card. Sarah opined in a preface he wrote for a recent book (HERE) that Communion in the hand (with other practices and influences) has diminished faith in the Eucharist.  He is, of course, right.   Hence, the spittle-flecked nutty from Ferrone.
It’s soooo predictable.
She doesn’t offer much in the way of counter arguments, except to cite the tired old claim that in the ancient Church some people received Communion in the hand and some writers wrote eloquently about that.  Never mind that the practice of Communion in the hand dropped away for a good reason, such as deepening appreciation and understanding of the Eucharist.  She also makes the point lots of people receive Communion that way in good faith.  In other news, water is still wet, the sun still rises in the East, 2 plus 2 still equals 4… well… you get what I mean.
In effect, Ferrone’s attack on the Cardinal consists mainly of calling him stupid and mean.
“…Sarah manages to slander…”
“…Sarah’s comments reveal either an appalling ignorance of or an indifference to liturgical history…”
“… he is disparaging the faith of many centuries of Christians…”
“… Sarah’s remarks display a lamentable lack of pastoral sensitivity…”
“Why did Pope Francis appoint Sarah—not to a niche position, but to a mainstream post in a field about which he knows little? And why does he let him go on blundering in this way?”
She goes on and on and on.
Ironically, however, the first sentence of her piece is:
In an arena where, arguably, the most important thing he could do is to encourage charity and an irenic spirit toward various forms of Eucharistic piety,…
Hypocritical much?


TJM said...

I will pretend to be a liberal today. Rita is RACIST!!!!

Henry said...

“…Sarah’s comments reveal either an appalling ignorance of or an indifference to liturgical history…”

Breath-taking arrogance--and invincible ignorance--from someone so low on the liturgical totem pole, in speaking of a living saint and giant, the Church's chief liturgical officer and likely her preeminent practicing liturgical expert.

In his book "A Crisis of Saints", Fr. Rutler describes the common features of 16th Protestant reformers and today's Catholic liturgists. Both, he suggests, tend to be

poorly informed, humorless, empty of imagination, and last in the race that is to the swift.

Fits to a T?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Racist, maybe, but sarahphobe definitely.

Carol H. said...

I pray that someone asks Rita to research why the Church stopped receiving communion in the hand ages ago. Maybe when she removes the plank from her own eye, she will be able to see that she, herself, was the one with "appalling ignorance of or an indifference to liturgical history."

TJM said...

Hey Rita, here's something you and your ilk will really hate. The Archbishop of Canterbury in a shocking statement said that Islam's rules were incompatible with British Laws:

I guess he will fail the libs "tolerance" criteria!!

John Nolan said...

It was the previous A of C (Rowan Williams) who mused in his rather donnish way that elements of sharia law (in the civil domain) could be accepted, not as a replacement for Civil Law, but as an adjunct to it in specific circumstances.

He also suggested that if at some future date there was a realistic chance of union between Canterbury and Rome, the Anglican church might reconsider its decision to ordain women.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Canon Law is sometimes and adjunct to Civil Law, in specific circumstances.