Monday, August 5, 2013


In my own clairvoyant way, I've been writing all along that Pope Francis is disarming those who want the trappings and exercise of authority of the monarchical papacy removed so that the Church becomes more democratic thus opening the Church to changes such as those that Protestants have long enjoyed and has led to many liberal Protestant Churches facing extinction in particular the Protestant Episcopal Church, USA. But one can point to liberal Lutheran groups facing an implosion caused by liberalism and post Christian acceptance of a political and religious paradigm.

John Allen today attempts to do some clairvoyant predicting of the future in his article which you can read at the National Chismatic Reporter (NCR) by pressing here.

John Allen quotes the following in his article that sums up what I've been writing all along:

"He's very charming, but he's also very controlling, as all powerful people are," said Omar Bello, an Argentine Catholic journalist and author of a new book on the pope.

John Allen fixates on administrative decisions that have yet to occur actually and who is in and who is out. But is our Catholicism truly about political intrigue in the Vatican? Who cares? Only Vaticanistas.

But all of us want a Vatican that is not hypocritical about Catholicism and is humble. But the loss of humility can very well be traced to the loss of humility in Catholic worship since Vatican II and in Catholic life which has reduced sacramental participation in the Mass and in the Sacrament of Penance. Even with the monarchical trappings of the pre-Vatican II Church, most would say that the rank and file Catholics and their clergy and religious were more humble than today. I could be wrong, but Pope Francis seems to believe this too.

The following are Pope Francis very words from the interview he did on his way back from Rio. These words are very telling and I hope Pope Francis is making connnections between these humble old Curia men and the ones of today formed after Vatican II"

These are scandals that cause grief.

Something — I have never said this, but I recall — I think the Curia has fallen somewhat from the level that it had some time ago, of those old Curia men… the profile of the old Curia man, faithful, who did his work. We are in need of such persons.
I believe… they exist, but they are not so many as there were some time ago.
The profile of the old Curia man: I would say this. We need more of these.

One can only hope and pray that Pope Francis will see the connection between the way we pray and the way we believe and act. If the humility of the old Mass has been ruined by Vatican II, then we need to go backwards to discover the right way forward as it concerns humility and the old men of the Curia, but not only the curia, but the Church in general.

But make no mistake, while Pope Francis has pastoral sensitivities of a pastor of the street and not the academic of the ivory tower more in love with theory than reality, he is not a flaming liberal or progressive. He is a son of the Church and accepts the Catechism of the Church.

While he isn't into the glitziness of the Liturgy and clerical attire as Pope Benedict and isn't flamboyant, he is austere and reverent and pious and devotional.He wants to revive the devotions of the Church lost since Vatican II, popular piety!


Pater Ignotus said...

"Even with the monarchical trappings of the pre-Vatican II Church, most would say that the rank and file Catholics and their clergy and religious were more humble than today."

What leads you to this conclusion?

Marc said...

Father Kavanaugh, I'm impressed that is the only question this post raised for you!

Pater Ignotus Was My Pastor said...

Father Kavanaugh (a.k.a. Pater Ignotus), please go and look in the mirror for the answer to the question you posed at 5:03 p.m. today!

John said...

Do I detect an Eva Perone mystique emerging from the Catholic Argentine Pampas?

The shirtless-ones (pardon for my lack of Spanish nomenclature)are on the march?

Will Francis eventually have to sing Don't cry for me Argentina? Can't help wondering.

Pater Ignotus said...

Marc - On the contrary, it is the only question I posted...

PIWMP - Looking in my mirror won't reveal to me Good Father McDonald's reasoning...

Marc said...

That makes me feel better, Fr. K!

I'm afraid this entire post sailed right past me...

Gene said...

Ignotus, RE: mirror. Do you even cast a reflection? LOL!