Saturday, July 30, 2011


Restored and Renovated St. Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls

This is a photo BEFORE the renovation (restoration would be a better word). This style of renovation was very popular immediately following Vatican II and the unwarranted iconoclasm of traditional churches of this nature. Please note that the altar is to one side and the ambo to another so that it would not appear that the altar was more important than the ambo and that both had the same importance, meaning the presence of Christ in the Word proclaimed and the presence of Christ in the Eucharist celebrated. Never mind that in the 1962 missal, the Word was proclaimed from the altar thus giving it a dignity that is required but the post Vatican II design diminishes the dignity of both the word and the Eucharist in this photo. Savannah's cathedral was almost renovated like this in the 1970's. It was the wave of the future back then. How tiresome!

Back to the Future or photos of the renovation or restoration--this is what we call the reform of the reform but within the continuity of the Pre-Vatican II Church:


Bill said...

The photos and description on the Stroik site are edifying. In particular, his description of the "thrust stage" which was added in the 1970s -- appalling. And there is no more appropriate description for it, than to call it a thrust stage. It was clearly that, and very much in the spirit of those times.

It's nice to see it restored to its former glory, or perhaps even more.

Gene said...

When I was in Divinity school and grad school in theology, I heard over and over, "The preaching of the Word is the primary sacrament for protestants." Like some kind of theological parrot...
There is really no basis in Scripture for this, I later discovered. It is a mis-interpretation of Paul born of protestant theologians trying to read between his lines.