Friday, November 20, 2009

It is to Laugh!

In today's New York Times, the Anglican/Episcopal Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams who is visiting the Vatican this week and will meet with Pope Benedict, asks and asserts the following:

"(He)asked why the ordination of women by some local Anglican churches had become a deal-breaker in Catholic-Anglican dialogue, in spite of the fact that the two religions had reached agreement on far more complex theological questions in the years since the Protestant Reformation.And he added a rebuke to the Catholic Church. “In what way,” he asked, does ordaining women as priests “compromise the purposes of the church?”"

Perhaps Archbishop Rowan Williams has been living under his great Cathedral in Canterbury where his Roman Catholic predecessor St. Thomas a' Becket inside that great cathedral was murdered for his allegiance to the pope and Catholic dogma. Does Archbishop Williams not see what has happened to his once great Anglican communion, that despite its pro-reformation theology and doctrines, at one time upheld basic Christian dogma and morality?

What has ordaining woman into their so-called Sacrament of Orders done? It has further undermined this great Catholic sacrament including the order of bishops and thus it has undermined and invalidated the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of the Christian Church. If the bishop or priest which in Catholic dogma is meant to be a sacramental icon or sign of Jesus Christ the High Priest, Good Shepherd and Bridegroom of the Church, how can a woman be that image? Women cannot be husbands! It is against natural law and divinely revealed law in the Sacrament of Marriage as well as Scripture and Tradition. Oh, I forgot, Anglicans are not opposed to homosexual marriage--thus invalidating that great sacrament too! As well, they seem to be not opposed to a new form of infallibility that changes unchangeable truths.

So Archbishop Rowan Williams, please tell me how ordaining women into the sacramental order that is meant to show forth the headship of Christ, his husbandly duties and His ability to save us as the Great High Priest has not harmed your Anglican Communion, not to mention the invalidity of Anglican Orders in general?


Anonymous said...

Actually, the following sacraments are invalid in the Anglican Communion because of deliterious effects of embracing the Protestant Reformation: An invalid Holy Orders invalidates the Sacraments of Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Anointing of the Sick. Holy Baptism remains in tact since it does not require clergy to be valid. Marriage between a man and woman could be valid depending on the belief of the husband and wife as it concerns what marriage is as a Sacrament. Homosexual marriage is invalid no matter what.
Since Holy Orders is invalid for men in the Anglican communion, it doesn't matter if they ordain women because it remains invalid and thus confirms what already is.

Anonymous said...

meant to include the Sacrament of Penance as invalid too! They just have one sacrament, Holy Baptism--which is central to salvation.

Gene said...

The Episcoplian church is a neurotic disorder that has nothing to do with God, the Church, the Bible, or anything else remotely Christian.

Jon said...

This is Rowan appealing to the leftist radicals in his "communion" who've accused him of rolling over for the ANGLICANORUM COETIBUS initiative. What they don't seem to realize is that ANGLICANORUM is going to save and preserve what little Catholic currency is still left in the Anglican coffers after 500 years' pillage. If this brilliant initiative of our Holy Father's takes root, then in a matter of decades we might very well have an Anglican Rite Catholic Church out of this, in full communion--which will be Anglicanism as it should've always been, and the Rowans will be spoken of with the same disdain that we reserve for the Thomas Cranmers of times past: usurpers of episcopal sees and thrones that rightfully belong to Mother Church.