Tuesday, June 19, 2012


NCR's John Allen reports that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone spoke in an interview with Famiglia Christiana, a widely read newsweekly in Italy.

“The publication of a multiplicity of letters and documents sent to the Holy Father by persons who have a right to privacy constitutes, as we have affirmed several times, an immoral act of unprecedented gravity,” Cardinal Bertone said.

Cardinal Bertone appeared to suggest that the leaks scandal may be an attempt to "destabilize" the church and the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

"The great project of clarification and purification of Benedict XVI ... certainly has bothered some people, and still does," Bertone said. "His action to eliminate episodes of pedophilia among the clergy, to cite just one example, has shown that the the church has a capacity of re-generation that other institutions and persons don't."

"The Church is a rock that resists storms," Cardinal Bertone said. "It's an unequivocal point of reference for countless persons and institutions throughout the world," he said, "and for this reason there's an effort to destabilize (her)."

MY COMMENTS: We should not discount who is at the source of trying to destabilize Holy Mother Church. Let me count the sources starting with the key instigator.

1. Satan and his minions who have already lost the battle in eternity, continue in temporal time to thwart the last pilgrims as they make their way to the Church Triumphant.

2. The political forces of godless secularism aided by those in this godless religion who take more seriously their ungodly call to propagate their godless faith in their profession (evidently more so than Catholics take Vatican II's call to the laity to propagate the true faith in their profession) are aligned with those who have an agenda that the Church opposes and only the Church stands in their way.

3. Aligned with these godless secularists, are believers who agree with most of the agenda of godless secularism, but still want to believe in some kind of God. These are the post- Christian Catholics in the ranks of clergy and religious and also laity who have sold their souls either to Satan or godless secularism but still have a veneer of Catholicism and actual belief in God, whoever she is. Prominent in this group of post Catholic Catholics are radical members of the LCWR, Father Charles Curran and Father Hans Kung, all of whom are aging Catholics of the era of the "spirit" of Vatican II who have met their Waterloo in the post Vatican II modern era of today, known as the reform of the reform within continuity with all that preceded Vatican II.


Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

The Church has always had and always will have enemies. The most dangerous enemies are internal. Jesus knew this at the Last Supper; Pope Benedict knew this when he came St. Peter's heir. Jesus said the gates of Hell will never prevail but he didn't say the devil won't win his share of battles. We've endured fifty years of chaos, Satan's latest offensive, and survived. We're in damage control now, have to rebuild, restore, and stay on track - getting souls to Heaven.

rcg said...

Faith is not enough, or is inadequate, without some kind of action. The secretary is an example to us of what happens when we think we allow ourselves to be influenced by someone at odds with our Church. It is likely a prominent bishop or Cardinal who is deeply vested in the reform spirit found in Vatican II. It is a level of treachery that rivals a Kiss.

Ostro Picta said...

1. With regard to rcg’s point, willfully participating in the crucifixion of the Living God does not (in no shape way or form) rival a manservant leaking private documents of his representative on Earth.

2. Father, I agree with your points about the enemies of the Church. However, this scandal (at least from what I have read) seems to be more about pro/anti Cardinal Bertone factions.