Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vatican official warns of 'dialogue of the deaf' with LCWR

I have been taken to task about the forces against the Magisterium of the Church and her traditional and unchanging teachings. I have described these forces as:

1. The Media, to include Hollywood's agenda in entertainment, as well as what is found on the internet and the main-line press especially as it concerns "pelvic issues."

2. Far Left Politics which has an agenda that which it finds the Catholic Church is its only nemesis and thus governmental mandates to squash this dissent from their political platform

3. Academia in general and in certain Catholic institutions and religious houses in particular which is in bed with the far-left political agenda when it comes to politics and pelvic issues.

Now I have a confession to make. I borrowed all three of these from Cardinal Timothy Dolan who used them on his XM Radio Show, A Conversation with Cardinal Dolan to describe the forces that are now against the Church.

Thus, under his leadership and inspiration, we see the hierarchy not backing down and kissing the you know what, and I don't me ring, of the Media, of far left Politicians and government officials and of those in Academia.

We already see this with the Church's fight on the Mandate concerning the Catholic Church's insurance companies providing "preventative health care," I mean, abortion inducing drugs, artificial contraception and sterilization to those who work in our institutions.

I had someone accuse me of using the Republican Party's talking points in a homily I preached recently. I told that person in no uncertain terms that Republicans are using the Church's talking points not the other way around!

And now with one of our very own academics who is a puppet for all other radical liberal academics and theologians in our Church as well as a puppet for the LCWR, which by the way embraces in an uncritical way the Media, far left politics and Academia in all the ways that these three oppose the Magisterium of the Church, we heard Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, floated the possibility that should the LCWR not accept the reforms outlined in an April 18 assessment, the result could be decertifying it in favor of a new organization for women's religious leaders in America more faithful to church teaching.

Read John Allen's NCR article on Cardinal Levada's words by pressing here.

A woman commenting on John Allen's article wrote the following:

"The sisters (LCWR Leadership) will vote to go their own way, and it won't matter in a few years, when their congregations will all be closed. They were a wonderful gift to the church and the world, but they're not part of the future, no matter what they call themselves."


Gene W. (formerly Pin) said...

Look, these women have "pelvic issues"...they want the ones we have. Impossible to take them seriously except as a source for humor...and by the way, that Farley woman looks like she could whup every man in the room...LOL!

Robert Kumpel said...

I don't think most Catholics appreciate what a sad situation this is. "Women Religious" --meaning NUNS, have been a bulwark of the Church for centuries. They were essential in building the Catholic school system in America. They have done tremendous work in hospitals and other areas of service. The LCWR, represent the last gasp of the last group from these nuns who somehow took a wrong turn and conformed themselves to the modern world, using a misguided reading of Vatican II as their permission slip. Their inflexibility and determination to follow their muse instead of following the Church is tragic. I supposed we do need to laugh as Gene suggests, but part of me wants to cry. These nuns are headed for extinction and their irrelevance and thin numbers are the fruit of their own self-created magisterium. Bottom line: They've done this to themselves.

We can be very hopeful for the new religious orders of women that are coming to life and thanks be to God for their devotion and fidelity. Hopefully, in another generation, our children will regain a knowledge and respect for what nuns really are. As for this group, it is sad, but it's best to let them ride off into the sunset.

Bill Meyer said...

Carry on, Father. The whole left/right notion has become pointless. On the political scene, the players in both major parties disagree most on only the rate at which government can (endlessly) grow. Both believe that all solutions flow from government; both are wrong, and desperately so.

The real spectrum of concern is bounded at one extreme by liberty and at the other by totalitarianism.

Jacob said...

Breaking news-Bishop Fellay is right now in the Holy office meeting with Card Levada. He is receiving the Popes response to reconcilliation. He entered the Holy Office at 11:00 am Eastern Time. Everyone pray for reunion!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this could be a case of the women religious 'going native'. Women religious always come to mind as the personification of compassion from the Church, the hands of Mary in this world. They helped protect all suffering humans, including the people who are suffering at their own hand, who sometimes are the object of persecution. It seems to me they may have inadvertently submerged themselves so strongly into these societies in an effort to explain the world view of these afflicted people that the women religious have identified with their wards and assumed their values. Added with it the pop psychology they embraced in the late 60's and 70's and they became what they were sent to aid.
If I understand it correctly, excommunication is not only a punishment, in fact I don't think it is until the person comes to understand the distance he himself has placed between him and God. So it is restorative, if properly approached. In my contemplation of Purgatory, I have come to look forward to it, and think of it when I see the priest approach the altar in the EF. It follows that ex-communication can be a good thing for someone who truly does love the Church and does not want to misrepresent her to the world. In this case it could be good for everyone and teaching point for everyone.


Templar said...

That picture sure looks like a can of "Shineola".


Gene W. (formerly Pin) said...

Yes, Templar, but do the LCWR know it from, well, you know...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry ain't gonna happen.
Just what we need, more bad news.