Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Just taken by me in Macon:

Just returned from movie making magic a block up from the Church. They are filming outside on High Street with its cobblestone road the movie "42" about Jackie Robinson. Harrison Ford stars in the movie as well. The scene was shot multiple times and the timing of things was fascinating. The vintage cars from the 1940's (the period of the movie and its setting is Florida) are quite beautiful. I don't know where they get all of these cars, each of them marvelously restored.

The timing of the cars moving, people walking across the street, a child on a bicycle is fascinating, but they shoot the same scene over and over again. This all reminded me of the movie, "Ground Hog Day!"

More Macon Movie fabulous pictures a half of a block up from me on High Street!


Nate said...

Next video you post needs to comes with the Father McDonald commentary. "While watching the filming of this scene over and over again, I am reminded of today's reading from 1 Kings, when the jar of flour and the jug of oil didn't run out..." :-D

And Groundhog Day is a great movie...one of Bill Murray's best films!

rcg said...

More than likely he will see all this old stuff and his next blog entry will be a 'modest proposal for Detroit to bring back the 1949 Hudson powered by multi-fuel engines."

Bill Meyer said...

rcg, I would vote for bringing back the 1949 Hudson!

Templar said...

Restored Vehicles are held in part by companies whose main purpose is to supply them for movies. The companies direct holdings is suplemented by private owners who are called in on need and recieve a few for each days work, comparable to a paid extra.

My Godfather was once the owner of a 1932 Nash which had such an arrangement. The only movie I can recall that the car was in was the Vallachi Papers, but there were others I can't recall.

+wordphan said...

The house at High and Orange had been on the market for years. I'm happy to see Georgy and Al's house put to good use, and who knows? Maybe it will sell, at last! Wonderful house, great location!

Anonymous 2 said...

Father, I understand the desire to recapture pre-Vatican II tradition, but isn’t this taking things just a little too far? =)

Joseph Johnson said...

I'm really more of a fan of 1910's thru early 1930's cars (Model T and Model A era and I actually own and work on some of these early Fords) but at least the later 30's and 40's cars (some of which are shown on this post) still had the distinctly separate (though streamlined) fenders and tapering hoods that I like to see (characteristics of pre-WWII design).

Most companies did not come out with all-new true post-war body designs until '49 and this is when the more flattened hoods and more integrated body styles (which continue today) really began. The all-new '49 Ford would be an example (though it still had the pre-war V-8 engine). The '48 Ford was basically the pre-war V-8 Ford with slight trim changes.

My wife just doesn't understand why I can't get excited about new cars and this is why. I still want the separate fenders, tapered hoods (preferably hinged at the center) and large round separate headlamps out front on either side of the radiator or grille!

I drive a 1996 Ford pickup (which I special ordered new with crank windows and stock hubcaps) which still is serving me very well but I get my automobile enjoyment out of my Model T's and Model A project. I used to help Father Larry Lucree with his 1924 Model T roadster when he was stationed in nearby Lakeland, GA.