Thursday, June 23, 2011


What possesses a parish to build a church like this? Of course it is from the 1970's era and it was thought to be the way of the future at the time. I would have loved this in the 1970's. But even dressing up the altar the way it is for the EF Mass doesn't help much, but it does help some. I kept looking at the barrel like thing to the right of the altar wondering if it was a receptical to receive food for the poor and then realized it is the ambo. What were they thinking?


Robert Kumpel said...

What were they thinking? A few possibilities come to mind:

"New Church"
"Vatican II requirements"
"'Priesthood' of the Laity"
"That'll show those traditionalists"
"Thank you, Fr. Vosko"

Anonymous said...

This one doesn't bother me, esthetically, as much as some. The ceiling is more distracting than nearly anything else, with the way the beams and trusses are constructed. The biggest problem I have with these designs is the aisle and dais arrangement. It is confusing a bit for traffic flow and therefore seems to take focus from the altar. It seems better than the one with the windows behind the altar. The visual flow of the eye and acoustics should draw the worshiper naturally toward the altar and the activity of the mass. I have seen some churches in a more traditional style that seem cluttered with the same effects as my great aunt's house. So I guess every approach deserves great attention.


qwikness said...

How 'bout that crucifix made of brick?

Anonymous said...

Father are you having a Corpus Christi Procession today or Sunday

Frajm said...

Unfortunately, we are not able to do it this year as Sunday is Father Justin's last Sunday with us and a farewell reception is being held following our 12:10 Mass--but next year!!!!

pinanv525 said...

RCG, you should be in politics. You could apply lipstick to a pig and never leave a smudge.

Traditional Catholic Church architecture emphasizes the sovreignty and majesty of God while pointing to Christ. This modern garbage subdues all that in order to incorporate human interaction and a feeling of "community." Christ is absorbed into culture through post Vat II thinking.

I think we should have a bunch of bulldozers blessed and anointed and get to work. There is a pretty little Church up my way (Christ Our King and Saviour on Lake Oconee) which looks very Catholic and traditional on the outside (sort of a missionstyle),but is such a huge in the round, plastic stained windows with no images only color, horshoe shoe arranged seating. Tabernacle behind a little brass plate in the wall. I like the Priest and the people, but I rarely go there anymore when I am in the area. I choose to miss Mass and go to Confession. That is bad, really bad, but I have come to reject so much of this modern crap that I don't even feel a sense of the Holy when I am in there. Might as well go to First Baptist.

Anonymous said...

"I choose to miss Mass and go to Confession."


pinanv525 said...

I know, Anon. It is bad. And, when I am out of town and my only choice for Mass is some mod Church, I have to lecture myself about the efficacy of the Sacrament and the Presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit in spite of all the architectural and liturgical efforts to downplay His presence.

Elizabeth Groux said...

This Church was built in the 60's I attended with my parents & Brother when we lived In Kings Park growing up. It was Then & is still a Beautiful Warm Place and where I made my conformation ... as far as the Brick Crucifix and other feathers They still represent what we are taught to believe and pinanv525 before you go around bulldozing you should look elsewhere to attend Mass I Find Your Comments Bot Arrogant & insulting Elizabeth

Elizabeth Groux said...

Oh for get it !