Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last night I was at a bar in Augusta, really. Well it was the Village Deli and the bar was a part of the restaurant that had no tables but two chairs at the bar. Well on one side of me was a person who was brought up Catholic and well, he no longer is, he's a "none." No pun intended.

On the other side of me was another fallen away Catholic who seems to have embraced an alternative lifestyle. She's a "none" too!

I don't think either of them hate the Church or want to change her, they just don't want to be a part of her. They are ambivalent and other concerns in their lives, like drinking and their alternative relationships take precedence over God and religion and the discipline to the moral life these ask for; although one of them said they can and do pray to God when they feel like it at any time of day or night. Sweet!

It is sad when Catholics abandon the discipline of our Faith. It is reprehensible when they become vitriolic shrills against our faith.

George Wiegel calls a "spade a spade" in writing about Maureen Dowd, who could loosely be called a journalist for the New York Times. It is excellent. Read all about here: MAUREEN DOWD THE CATHOLIC BIGOT!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love George Weigel! This past weekend some of us, including some teachers, were discussing the subject of writing. One of them mentioned "creative writing." That immediately conjured up an image of Columbia's school of journalism - it's no longer news, reporting but rather creative writing.

I trust that you plantaed some seeds at the bar which may someday bear fruit.

Anonymous said...

A rather awkward title. Ya should have just moved on beyond the "meddy." "Poison the waters" would have been more appropriate and easily distinguishable from your previous misuse of the expression.

pinanv525 said...

Maureen Dowd is a living, breathing argument for celibacy! Priests who contemplate leaving the priesthood to marry, or who are tempted by female staff or parishioners, should place Dowd's photo on the wall next to the door so they can see it as they leave.

She is also a great argument against ordaining women. I mean, think about it...

qwikness said...

There are a lot of anti-catholic Catholics in pop culture that say they are Catholic or were raised Catholic as credentials for speaking against the Church or behaving badly. People like Joy Behar.
I once heard an sound bite of Lady Gaga who was confronted by some evangelical fundamental types following a show. They were saying she was wrong for doing this and that. When Gaga tried to defend herself by saying that she attended a Catholic school for 13 years, the man only further insulted her by retorting, “That’s probably most of your problem that you got raised in a screwy religion.”

Anonymous said...

qwik. Look no further than your own congregation or any other congregation for anti-Catholic Catholics. Polls show that 98% of them practice artificial contraception and the 2008 election showed that 54% of them voted for an increase in abortion and its taxpayer funding. The sad little secret in the woodpile is that the percentage of clergy who voted that way is said to be around 80%.