Thursday, October 5, 2017


For the life of me, I am baffled why so many modern clergy, especially so-called liturgical theologians have such an antipathy for this form of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass--could it be Satan has sowed hatred in their hearts for that which is beautiful, edifying and holy?

I copy this from Fr. Z's blog:

The Bishop of Lancaster, England, Most Rev. Michael Campbell, OSA, posted on his blog about celebrating a Pontifical Mass at the Throne.  The church was recently entrusted to the Institute of Christ the King, which is raising it to new life.
I was struck by this observation. The bishop wrote:
It seemed to me as if this venerable place of worship was once more breathing fully in both lungs, and through its splendid liturgy praise and worship were offered to Almighty God.
He didn’t let the church die.  Instead, he thought so far inside the box that what he did was outside the box, it was avant-garde: he returned the church to the purpose for which it was made.

Yes, I think this is avant-garde, which implies that more bishops will do the same as they wake up to the possibilities.


John Nolan said...

What is happening is that bishops are getting behind Summorum Pontificum. This is also noticeable in the USA.

In 2010 I attended a Pontifical High Mass celebrated by the then Bishop of Nottingham, Malcolm McMahon OP. It was to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his consecration. This year, as Archbishop of Liverpool, he ordained FSSP priests using the old Rite. His cappa magna was of a length not seen before 1963. Yet he was ordained in the Novus Ordo era.

The change of pontificate has had no effect on the recovery of authentic liturgy and beauty. It grows apace.

TJM said...

John Nolan,

Deo gratias! That's what I call a liberal bishop! Liberal in the old sense of the word: generosity

ByzRC said...

The Bishops's blog notes that this church was designed to be used a certain way. While that conclusion is as clear as day, it is refreshing to hear someone within the episcopacy acknowledge and promote this instead of continuing to force feed that which is clearly failing.