Wednesday, November 20, 2013


You can't be politically correct or a heterodox Catholic, really post-modern Catholic and say these things out loud and to judges, lawyers and the liberal media/news/and entertainment empire, but one bishop-elect did and that's why he's a bishop elect, and elected by Pope Francis!

I reprint this because this is ultimately where Pope Francis is leading us, into morality rooted in Scripture, Tradition and natural law, as it has been, is now and will be for ever and ever!

“The anthropological concept of autonomy, how we understand the person as autonomous and its harm to human beings and the common good to society are what is most at stake with disagreements between the Church and other voices of American society regarding such issue as same-sex marriage and the exercise of religious freedom,” said Msgr. Olson, who earned a doctorate in theological studies at Alphonsian Academy of the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome.
And in many cases with what appear to many in secular society to be appealing ends, such as in contraception, same-sex marriage, no-fault divorce, and cohabitation.
Advocates for contraception, for example, have argued that it relieves poverty. Women’s rights advocates argue that no-fault divorce emancipates women from spousal abuse, and same-sex marriage advocates claim that it will reduce the ostracizing and bullying by bigots.
Instead, the human condition as a whole was harmed though no-fault divorce in that it “shook our understanding of marriage from a covenant to a contract with property rights.”
Likewise, contraception introduced into family life changed our perception of children. Rather than children being seen as a gift from God, there became an understanding of children as property.
“Soon the common good ceases to be reality,” Msgr. Olson said. “It quickly becomes an abstract ideal loosely composed of aggregates of individual interests … all measured the way property is measured.”
It is Christ who demonstrates to us how to conquer such evils. Catholics, Msgr. Olson said, have the Gospels, which instruct that “bullying of gay people is immoral; spousal abuse is evil and sinful and impactful on the common good” and that couples have ability and responsibility to decide the size of their families through natural family planning methods.
“Where are we to find love in place of autonomy?” Msgr. Olson asked. “We must find it in Jesus … in the poor, in the unborn, in the dying, the sick, the immigrant, in the homosexual person, the down-syndrome child. In all of our neighbors who are incapable of autonomy.”


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