Tuesday, June 28, 2016


This is Old Saint Anne Church as of February of this year. It is also known by the name Henry Ford gave it after he built it, the Martha/Mary Chapel, named after his mother and mother-in-law. I am sure they are named after the biblical figures, no?

I took all these photos after our daily Mass. On Tuesdays there is Solemn Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament until 4 PM in the old church.


New Saint Anne which is positioned in the photo above behind the church and the building to the right, where the clump of pine trees are--the building to the right is also of the Henry Ford era, but is a funeral home now, not belonging to us unfortunately.
 lovely narthex with numerous restrooms for both sexes!

Stations of the Cross are from Denmark and are 150 years old and painted on metal!

 Tabernacle is from Europe and over 200 years old!

 Statues are wood carved and painted, just lovely. These include the Sacred Heart, Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph and St. Michael. At the back of the Church are Saints Peter and Paul!



TJM said...

The tabernacle is stunning but certainly requires a more substantial place for it to be housed. That little table just doesn't cut it.

Marc said...

I like the look of the old church -- seems like a quaint little chapel. Does it have air conditioning?

The new church has some design elements that I like, especially the dark wood and the exposed brick. The antique Stations of the Cross are a nice inclusion as well.

qwikness said...

You're going to have to do something about the white paint in the new church. I can't tell you why but it seems so vacant. It's begging for a nice warm color to add some richness to the area. Is there any stained glass? Maybe do that too (later).

James said...

Excellent! Now all you need is a nice-looking pipe organ mounted on the rear balcony. So many churches are closing in Belgium and Holland that you can pick up a beautiful old organ like the following for $3k or $4k (transport extra!):

Did you see the jubilee ceremony for Pope Benedict today? The Sistine choir really are sounding excellent at the moment:

Anonymous said...

I agree the "little" table has to go and install a altar of sacrifice with large central crucifix and six tall candle sticks and in time you might slowly incorporate the TLM for your new flock and of course a nice communion rail. Does your choir know any Latin hymns?