Monday, April 22, 2013


Pope Francis wears the same chasuble at Sunday's ordination of priests that Pope Benedict wore at the Beatification of Pope John Paul II:

Have you read that Pope Francis is humble when compared to Pope Benedict? Have you read that Pope Francis eschews what Pope Benedict wore? Have you read that Pope Francis would stand to greet people rather than remain kneeling and make them kiss his ring while Pope Benedict never did that?

Well, let's lay Pope Benedict's so-called inferior humility compared to Pope Francis' humility to rest. These false dichotomies do not exist except in the mind of the "Church of the Media" not us who compose the true Church. Watch this video of Pope Benedict beatifying Pope John Paul II and then note the vestment (except for the miter) that Benedict is wearing is the same chasuble that Pope Francis wore on Sunday for the Ordination of priests. Continuity in many ways and more to come I suspect! Also please note the last of the video after the Pope greets the priest who put everything together for John Paul's beatification--the MC opposite Msgr. Guido Marini, wearing that marvelous surplice is crying! He is Polish! Very touching and I almost missed it:


Andy Milam said...

All I can say, is thank Goodness the Cintas people came and picked up the other chasuble, it was getting to the point where it could stand up on it's own.


qwikness said...

You might be interested in this.
Cardinal Kasper Admits to Intentional Ambiguities in Vatican II in order to disseminate the liberals from the conservatives.

here it is on the sspx site