Monday, July 2, 2012

NO NEED FOR HYSTERIA OR Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller PHOBIA

UPDATE: More good news! A comment on John Allen's article says he is from Geremany and writes the following:
I am writing from Germany and
Submitted by Bernie Aurin (not verified) on Jul. 02, 2012.

I am writing from Germany and I am not happy about this appointment. Bishop Müller is very conservative and out of touch with the faithful. He is against the ordination of woman. His views often times are decidedly pre-Vatican II. He sees all bishops and priests as being surrogates for Christ (only them, not the lay people). In ecumenical matters has not sought common ground, but polarized instead.

His record as bishop of Regensburg is one of intolerance and authoritarianism. On his web site he states: "We should not allow any room for anti-Roman blabber and these stupidities ... Any activities directed against the truth of the Faith and the unity of the Church will not be tolerated" (

The German grass roots organization "We Are Church" points out in its press release today, that he has created a climate of servility and fear, reviling and disciplining those holding divergent opinions and that his handling of sexual misconduct in his diocese has been fatally misguided. (

The Holy Father has appointed Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller of Germany as the new Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

He likes liberation theology and is a friend of the Peruvian Father of liberation theology, the theologian Father Gustavo Guttierez.

He also did his dissertation on my favorite Lutheran theologian, famed German Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

In 2008, he accepted an honorary doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, which is widely seen as a bastion of the progressive wing of the Peruvian church. On the occasion, he praised Guttierez and defended his theology.

“The theology of Gustavo Gutiérrez, independently of how you look at it, is orthodox because it is orthopractic,” he said. “It teaches us the correct way of acting in a Christian fashion since it comes from true faith.”

But it is also rumored that Archbishop Mueller has written that becasue of the unity of the sacrament of orders that the church's inability to ordain women priests extends to women deacons as well. He was also one of the first theologians to characterize Pope John Paul's decree on women priests as infallible....More recently he has called liberal dissident movements in the church such as We Are Church (which is close to Call to Action and LCWR in the USA) as parasites on the Body of Christ.

So I would recommend truly understanding this theologian and trusting that the Holy Father understands German theologians of his ilk and in fact the Holy Father was formed in the very theology this theologian holds. It might do well to really try to understand liberation theology and how it impacts what the bishops of the USA are trying to do in confronting secular power and seeking the rights of the Church when it comes to religious liberty and freedom of conscience in this country.



Anonymous said...

I was initially miffed at this appointment, but upon further reflection, I am making an act of my will to not worry about it. After all, God IS in charge of the Church.

A couple of other points to consider: Cardinal Levada was never noted for showing any love for tradition or orthodoxy before he was appointed to the CDF. He got that appointment because the pope had worked with him before and KNEW him. This looks to be the same kind of appointment. Levada followed orders and I believe Muller will too. Cardinal Ratzinger was the Prefect of the CDF for more than two decades. Pope Ratzinger is STILL the Prefect of that congregation.

Marc said...

I'm skeptical - this Archbishop has denied the Perpetual Virginity of our Lady and the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

If I were to deny those things, you would say I was no longer Catholic. This "theologian," however, has been tapped to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

I'm not saying he's a heretic, but surely there is someone with a cleaner background on the doctrine of the Faith to head that important Congregation, particularly given the Holy Father has now alienated even the more moderate SSPX adherents with this appointment. It just appears quite tactless given the timing and circumstances.

Then again, this archbishop comes from the same school of thought as the Holy Father himself previously espoused (although we had all hoped he had moved beyond it). It signals that this Pope is not concerned about Tradition, as many had surmised he might be. Note my use of the word "signals" because I am talking here of impressions that may or may not be warranted.

It signals to me a major step backward for this Papacy, but then again, I was never one sold on His Holiness being in the Traditionalist camp and I was always critical of those who advocated that he was despite his "freeing" the Tridentine Mass and "lifting" the excommunications - both things that were done out of justice, not mercy.

Marc said...

Anonymous, I didn't see your comment when I posted, so I'd like to address your excellent point about the Pope still being in charge despite the body filling the position.

I am just not sure now whether that is a good thing or a bad thing - look at the state of the Faith at this moment and ask whether Cardinal Ratzinger did a good job in his two decades in the position. Consider the signal sent by putting a suspected liberal in charge of the CDF. Then, ask again whether it is good that the Pope is STILL Prefect...

Perhaps we disagree on the answer and I freely admit I could be wrong as there have certainly been promising movements out of Rome in recent years. But, I still think this appointment is quite suspect and a major step backwards as it, again, goes against the Holy Father's agenda of "reconciling" the SSPX, something he by all accounts feels is a major agenda point for his Papacy.

rcg said...

People can grow, even Archbishops. There is also a method of analysis that is particularly Catholic, that takes the merits of a position and, if they are true, applauds them. The rest of the position is analysed and may or may not survive. It is a sort of dialectic correction before things are held as doctrine or infallible. The real theologians in this group can cite examples.

Furthermore, this seems to be consistent with our Popes understanding of Vatican II in that that while all the nuttiness may be permissible in a broad sense, it is permissible under special circumstances. As a layman I think of it in the similar category as Just War. Generally, No, but if you meet certain criteria, then Yes.

rcg said...

Update: Growth confirmed. And since when did Germans stop liking strictness?

I am still upset that St. Patrick is Italian and not Scot.

Marc said...

Regarding Father's update:

That doesn't make much sense in light of what this Archbishop has actually said. Take this quote from October 2011, for example:

"Baptism is the fundamental sign that sacramentally unites us in Christ, and which presents us as the one Church in front of the world. Thus, we as Catholic and Evangelical Christians are already united even in what we call the visible Church. Strictly speaking, there are not several Churches one beside the other -- these are rather divisions and separations within the one people and house of God."

This is against what even Vatican II has to say about the relationship of ecclesial communities to the Catholic Church - that there is no visible unity and the unity that exists (if any) is invisible.

Just because liberals say someone is "Traditional" does not make it true. Liberals at St. Joseph would surely say our good Father McDonald is a Traditionalist - he assuredly is conservative in many viewpoints, but he is not a Traditionalist.* But, since many have never encountered an actual Traditionalist priest, they are viewing the spectrum from a limited perspective.

* I'm not bashing Fr. McDonald here. His perspective is perfectly fine for a diocesan priest and he has the charism of knowing his congregation and where to draw the lines with the reforms, etc. He is a great priest, perfect for his congregation, and timely in his awareness of problems and their solutions. But, he is not a Traditionalist, nor does he want to be, I suspect!

ytc said...

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then again, Germans aren't especially know for their orthodoxy methinks...

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can look at it this way. For the past couple of months the pope has angered the liberals. Since he is the pope of ALL Catholics, this is his turn to anger the traditionalists. Either way, if the pope wants the SSPX reconciliation to go forward, he will make it happen, no matter which warm body he places in charge of the CDF.

Now, if only His Holiness would offer the EF.

Supertradmum said...

Can we not just state that there is a lack of traditional leaders at this level in the Church and realize that we have to deal with the men who are there? The leadership crisis in the Church affects every country and the Vatican. Just pray for the man.

rcg said...

Maybe he had an attitude adjustment from the other German?

Gene said...

I'm with Marc. Liberation theology is garbage, and Bonhoeffer was a theological lightweight. I am very disappointed. If he does not believe in the Real Presence, he is a protestant. I guess Germans like Ratzinger just can't escape the 19th century Idealism and socialist philosophies of their day. Sort of like their tendency to march off, lemming-like, every century or so on some grand scheme of world conquest...

Anonymous 2 said...

Here are some links that may shed some further light:

It is certainly an interesting appointment. Presumably time will allow for a more measured assessment than is possible at this early date -- perhaps after someone reads his 400 books!

Anonymous said...

Mueller has spoken out against the society (SSPX), including a 2009 interview with the German news website Zeit Online in which he said the society's four bishops should resign, keep quiet and "lead an exemplary life as simple priests to repair a part of the damage the schism has caused."

Sounds like a good choice for CDF to me.

Templar said...

Well his predecessor was no paragon of Orthodoxy either but did a good job enforcing Benedict's will with recalcitrant American Nuns. Maybe the new head of the CDF being German mean's it's the Germans turn now to toe the line.

Anon at 1:50PM: what schism? stop being such a hater.