Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Is this scandal a scandal of a monarchical Church or a scandal of post Vatican II ecclesiology gone bizerk? The second link below seems to imply that with all the new administration details of the Vatican that broadening the scope of those involved in the governance of the Holy See has brought about this Machiavellian intrigue and scandal in the Vatican and the grave insult to the Holy Father and the confidentiality that those who write to our Holy Father and express concerns should have, now all made public to embarrass the Holy Father and those who wrote to him and the confidentiality that is expected from the Vicar of Christ.

In many ways, the same thing happens in post-Vatican II parishes where so many people have been given the impression that everyone needs to be consulted and nothing can be done without widespread consultation and that committees, sub-committees and the like take on a life of their own, not so much for the betterment of the parish but for power. There is more power-grabs today in the local parish than in pre-Vatican II times and more intrigue about these power plays than every before. I would not be so quick to damn monarchy as it concerns the Church!

Rorate Caeli has two interesting posts on this scandal and you can read them here:

The papers stolen from the Pope, an interview with a high prelate over this.

The disastrous bad governance legacy of Vatican II and Blessed John Paul II


Nick Charles said...

The Butler in the Library with the Candlestick.....

ytc said...

Frankly, it's the same things every few centuries: heresies, complainer bishops, extortionist cardinals, militant priests, confused and uneducated laity, Avignon, Borgia Papacy, etc. Things like this aren't new.

However, I would say that Vatican II--rather, the freak out ensuing after that Council--did contribute to this. Every time something like the Knights Templar or a Council or a Cardinal-Nephew goes nuts, or the Pope's mistress *coughcough* comes clean, things are a bit screwed up for a while.

And then things are fixed. :D

PS: A funny thing happened. Part of my robot code was the word "Power." Omen?